Deck Paint Peeling


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Deck Paint Peeling

Ten years ago I bought my house and had to replace one side of my deck with new boards. The side that I replaced does not have a roof. At the time, it was painted since the part that was not replaced was painted. The paint on the new section only lasted one year before it was peeling. Since then I've had it professionally painted 3 times each time by someone new and it starts peeling after 1-2 years. I'm not getting the cheap paint, I'm getting the expensive deck/exterior paint. The deckover paint seems like it would be awful so I don't use that. The professionals are power washing, sanding, letting the boards dry, properly prepping the wood, etc.... and nothing seems to work. Right now it would be a lot of work to completely remove the paint to stain it. Is it because I started with new wood and didn't let it age??? I would really like to have my deck painted and have it last more than a year. Suggesions?
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If i understand you correctly, you are saying the old side holds paint better and longer than the new side does. Yes?

For one thing, we don't know what kind of wood the old part is... and we don't know what kind of wood the new part is. Cedar? Redwood? Pressure treated southern yellow pine? Are they both the same type of wood? Are you sure?

Paint usually fails because the wood absorbs moisture then needs to dry. It's that constant process of wet/dry, wet/dry, that ruins your paint job. So for one thing, it's not surprising if the part that is not under the roof wears out and needs to be painted sooner than the rest. After all, it gets rained on more and then gets beat by the sun!

Could be that the wood was wet when painted, can't tell from where I sit. And yes, weathered wood usually has more texture and textured wood usually holds paint better than perfectly smooth wood. Not sure if that is a factor or not.

No paint job will last long when a deck is exposed to the weather... and when it's only ONE SIDE of the deck boards that is painted. The other 3 sides (or 5 sides if you count the cut ends) will absorb moisture if they are unpainted.

Slow drying oil primers will usually give you your best, longest lasting results. Unfortunately no one wants to use it and its getting harder and harder to find. (Thanks California) But the unpainted sides of each board will cause any paint to fail in short order. Painted decks are just a bad idea, imo.

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You don't have to remove ALL the existing paint to switch to a solid stain [be sure it's a deck stain!] As noted above decks are hard to get a long lasting stain/paint job on because they see more weather than any other wood on your house. 2-4 yrs is the norm for deck stain jobs.

A few pics might help us better understand what you have going on -
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Just going to repeat the same advice I gave the other peeling deck guy's post. Don't use stuff that's a "surface film" on a deck. It'll peel. Or in my case, trap moisture causing not just unsightly peeling but also rot. I had to rip up every deck board and rail on 3 decks because the last owner thought suface film deck finishes were a good idea on wood decks. The only one out of the 3 that wasn't rotted as hell was one that gets massive sun exposure but I could tell the boards were newer than the other 2 so...

The worst of the 3 was brutal. I could almost grab handfuls of rotted board and crumble them. My replacement wood isn't even going to be stained. I'm leaving it in it's natural brown state for a few years until it fades enough to warrant it.

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