1940's farm house back porch


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1940's farm house back porch

What's up guys. New guy here. I recently bought a fixer upper for my first home. I dont know much about carpentry or electrical or structural work. I have limited access to tools and money. I've "remodeled" a few rooms by fixing some holes and painting etc... took down a half wall in the kitchen and have big plans for that but that's another project. My immediate concern is the back porch. On the exterior it's old, probably half rotten wood and storm windows that are mostly all cracked. The storm windows are about stomach height and are on 3 exterior walls. 3 on the left and right 2 in the front with an entrance door and a small window to the left. The house had a dog door glass door for the exterior. Its dropped multiple times and I've had to wedge it up and reinstall. The floor is great I believe. The entire house has oak bones and flooring. The interior walls to the porch are this old wood paneling type stuff and it's all gnarled up. It's also where my washer and dryer are. I'm looking to renovate it. I need ideas and possibly some reference to instruction. If anyone shows interest in checking out some pictures I'll be glad to post pics and measurements. Thanks guys!
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Just to add to the problems

I'm sure the back porch needs to be leveled. I'm way too fat to fit under there lol. But I can tell from the halfway through the kitchen all the way into the back porch that its slumped. And I didnt mention the outside of the back porch is covered with what looks like cement board that I guess the dog that used that dog door chewed up. I'm really tight on funds. I'm looking for a decently affordable path if possible. Ideally o eventually want to have that porch open up from the exterior door to a concrete pad that extends to the western end of the house. This house is probably around 1,300' total. And needs a lot of work but this porch looks awful currently
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Hi jdavis, welcome to the forum. That sounds like quite the project.

It will be hard for us to offer any suggestions unless you actually ask a specific question. So if you have a question we are all ears.

I will make the comment, however, that often porches were not built level in the first place, and you can't make them level without reframing them. They were often built on a slope so that the rain that came in through the porch screens could run out. Screen porches were common back then... and its likely the storm windows were added later.

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