How to kill weeds from coming up through paver blocks?

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How to kill weeds from coming up through paver blocks?

Location is Miami, Florida.

I have weeds coming up through the paver blocks and is a bit out of control. It didn't use to do this last few years but for some reason, they are coming up left and right.

Any idea what to do?

Use chemicals like Round-Up? Bleach?

Pressure wash?
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Roundup would work and there are products with lasting benefit as well. For those who don't like chemicals, vinegar works pretty well to kill living plants but has no lasting value.
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Try to pull them out by the roots first then spray with any. weed killer that has at least 40% Glyphosate.
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The problem with using something like Round-Up is that it will wash down to the edges and kill any border grass or vegetation at the parameter of the paver area.
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Herbicide is the easiest way to control weeds. Products containing glyphosate work well at killing the weed including the roots. A product with a residual preventer would be a good choice. You do have to be careful when you apply and how much as the long term prevention chemicals can be washed away by heavy rains causing dead spots in your lawn or garden. But, if the area doesn't flood easily something with long term affect will mean not having to spray once a month.

As for the concentration the 40% joecaption mentioned is a concentrate which should be diluted to a lower amount. A normal and effective application rate is 2% though higher rates can be used if painting a freshly cut tree stump to prevent regrowth.

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