Railing on cement porch


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Icouldn't find any other forum that might be able to help with this, please let me know if I should post elsewhere.

Here's my problem:
I need to replace an old metal railing around my cement front porch. I'd like to install a wood railing. Any help would be appreciated. I'd like to know what sort of fasteners, wood, railings, etc to use. Thanks!!
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What's your porch like? Do you have wood columns supporting a roof or is it completely open?

If you have wood columns you could attach a railing to the columns with deck screws and putty/paint over them. If you're planning on painting the railing (I'd imagine you are) there's no need for pressure-treated lumber as the chemicals in that wood would prevent the paint from taking a good hold.

With a little more info, I can give some other ideas.

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More info

Its a completely open cement slab porch. Currently there is a metal raililng that surrounds it, but it is rusted through.
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Well then your options are pretty wide open. For a wood railing you could do something like the following:

Use 4x4 stock for the posts. Your local home improvement store should have brackets with which you fasten the post to the slab. This will probably involve drilling holes in the slab that you place anchors in and then use lag bolts to fasten them down.

For the railing itself, you can go with 2x4 or 2x6 stock for the horizontal rails and 2x2 or 2x4 for the vertical bannisters, depending on the style you like. (Look at the Hometime website or http://www.freedeckplans.com for ideas about the railing style. Many other places have some good designs too.)

The type of wood depends on the finish you want. If you're going to paint it, just get regular stock, with the exception of the posts. I did some asking around and found that the pressure-treated stuff will be better for the part that touches the ground (or the porch in this case) since you won't be able to paint that part. That is, if you don't paint it before you install it

If you want it to look natural or to stain it, I'd go with something rot resistant like redwood or cedar (if you can find/afford it). That just depends on the look you're going for.
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Talking Thanks!!!

Thanks for your help. I didn't figure it would be too difficult, but I wanted to ask.
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