paver patio around deck support posts


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We very recently (3 weeks ago) had a 12x20 foot paver patio put in. The patio was framed from the ground up with pressure treated 6x6 - not excavated in - to match the exit threshold from the house (now a 5 inch step down to patio). The patio has a 4+ inch gravel base, then a 3 inch sand layer, then 1.5 inch pavers. As installed, the pavers directly surround the 6x6 pressure treated supports for a second story deck. The deck supports now appear to be wicking moisture up from the ground, especially during wet weather (the posts turn black about 12-16 inches above the pavers). Although the posts seem to dry after rains, the wood remains stained. While we're not concerned about appearance, we are worried that the moisture will eventually damage the posts. Any advice would be greatly appreciated!
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You had 6X6 P.T. posts buried in the ground (or in a concrete footing) as posts for your second story deck? Shame on whoever did that! You can expect to be replacing the posts in the next 15 to 20 years. Wood in direct contact with earth (or embedded in concrete) won't last much longer than that.
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Yes, you have a wick. Lefty is correct. No contact between the dirt, concrete or ? with wood. Where are your
post plates ?
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paver patio around deck support posts (II)

Thanks for the quick reply! It looks like we have 2 problems...or rather, a new condition that makes an existing problem worse.
The home and deck were new 4 years ago, the paver patio added 3 weeks ago. I dug around one of the posts not within the patio today to try to answer your questions. The posts are mounted on brackets attached to cement footings, but then covered with several inches of soil (an apparent attempt to improve drainage in the back yard). I now understand that was not good, although there has no obvious evidence of wicking over the past 4 years. If I understand correctly, the recent patio installation - where the gravel, sand, and pavers are in contact with the posts - accelerates the wicking action (instead of just a couple of inches in contact, now well over a foot). Is there anything I can do (other than rip out the entire patio)? Thanks again.
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Without a picture of your exact situation, my suggestion may be all wrong. But, I would think along the lines of setting those posts on top of a deck pyramid block. You would have to do one post at a time, block up the post, cut it off at the ground, then cut it at just the right length, dig the block down about 1' and slide it under the post.
Just a thought.
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