Simple deck framing question


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Simple deck framing question

Hello, first post in a while. I am replacing my 36'x8' deck. I just purchased the house and the deck was in terrible shape. The old deck consisted of 2x8 joists connected to a ledger board across the back of the house..I don't know the proper term for the is a ledger board but they also have a brick support under it as well which is nice.

Anyways, I'llcut to the chase . I want to just double the deck depth. So, build a 36x16 ft deck. My plan was to copy the existing deck, 2x8 joist spanning 8ft, tied into a double 2x10 beam sitting on (6) 6x6 post in the middle, then 2x8's running to the rim with 6 more post. My concern is I used an online deck calculator and it wants me to use 2x10 joist? According to the span tables 2x8 should be plenty? I need to keep the 2x8' since the siding and everything is cut for the 2x8's to come out flush with the house. I did find another calculator that lines up with my plan of using the 2x8s, but it wanted me to use 4x4 post. I know from reading the deck guide that is a no no. I will check with my building inspector on how to tie the posts to the beam (notch vs post cap) and what kind of footer is required. Thanks for any insight.
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Google DCA6 deck guide and go by those tables. Looks okay to me.
Also double check your beam span in front... 6 posts on 36ft is a little over 7 ft span. Also looks ok. Double check the 2x10 beam spans... double joists on each side of that beam complicates the numbers... beam span will be decreased. Notching on 6x6 posts is OK (figure 8a). Footing guidelines are also in dca6, just need to know your frost depth. Most calculations require a structural engineers stamp if your inspectors are picky.

I would question how they will want you to do your lateral load devices with a hollow cmu foundation.
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Yes, I was wondering about that too. I know the deck guide says no to concrete block ledger boards. Then again I'm sure 98 percent of those instances dont have a brick foundation with a sill plate. Looks like I'll just build a freestanding deck. Gonna be hard to anchor to anything on a raised slab foundation. Just sucks it was all built that way from the get go and worked great for all these years. Now its deemed unsafe. So the story goes though. I appreciate you checking my spans for me.
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Looks like I'll just build a freestanding deck.
That's getting to be more and more the way it's done.

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