mis-aligned posts


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mis-aligned posts

Good Evening All,

As you can see looking at the attachments I have an issue that I should have thought about before decking installed.

However I am at this spot in the process and need some advice. I am going to put up composite railing and posts on this deck and all the posts on the other 3 sides align w/o issue. I am looking for ideas on aligning these four.

Any and all suggestions / ideas greatly appreciated.
Thank you in advance for you help

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Looks like you need to replace one or more of the posts to me. There's only one way to make a straight line.
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You could cut the post off and surface mount a new post for the railing.
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I totally agree. I was thinking the same thing. Should be fun

I'll keep you all posted.

Thank you
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Tolyn Ironhand,

I will do my research and look for the best way to remove and then anchor new ones. I will live and learn and hopefully in the future pass forward my experience / learn.

Thank you again for your input.
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The post on the outside of the steps needs vertical aligning, Can's see how the post is secured to its support, but assuming post is mated to the support with no gaps. After loosening and/or removing the fasteners between the post and anchor (might have to remove some decking) temporarily support the post vertically plumb (on adjacent sides) and touching the support in one place. Determine how much the post needs to move horizontally (toward or away) from anchor to align with other posts on that side of the deck. Either shim (using galvanized washers on thru bolts (post and anchor) to move the post away from anchor or notch post (continuous varying depth to make bottom of notch parallel to anchor) to make post move toward the anchor. Use same technique on other sides of the deck. If the posts are off plumb both vertically and horizontally, this technique is doable but much harder. Good luck.

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