Anchors for concrete


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Anchors for concrete

I have a question which might have an obvious answer but let me ask anyway. I am trying to put some anchors into concrete that I can put 1/4 bolts into. A friend gave me everything he said I need to do this but I am having an issue. When I drill the hole the anchor drops right in. It seems that the anchor is 1/2 but the bit drills a slightly bigger hole. Do I need a smaller bit, or am I supposed to do something to the anchor?

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Other than the drill I'm not sure what you have.

What are you trying to hang/install then we can recommend something!
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They look much like these.
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We used to call those anchors Ackerman's, I assume because Ackerman was one of the leading suppliers, like any and all adjustable wrenches being called Crescent's. Although I still have a full assortment of drivers, and probably a few of the anchors if I dug deep enough, I haven't seen that style used in a long time. Every once in a while you'll run into one if you remove a 50's or 60's era metal handrail that has been anchored to a porch. The way they work is that the outer sleeve goes into the hole you drilled, then the driver is used to drive the wedge shaped lead insert into place. But the hole does need to be the right size, so since you said it's oversize it's not going to work for you. And that drill looks like a countersink for metal or wood by the way, not for concrete, and that's probably part of the reason anyway that your hole came out too large. Depending on what you're doing, you might be fine with a Tapcon, or for something more substantial look at Redhead anchors, but get the right type and size bit regardless. With Tapcon's you'll probably get a bit in the box.
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I have aluminum uprights which go on either side of my electric roll down hurricane shutters. The top braces are still there but since we redid the concrete there is nothing to screw the bottoms into. The old anchors used the same 1/4” bolts I show in my picture.
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Well, I'm not so sure I'd listen to me, except that, in fairness, I've been having problems with pictures on this site not fully opening sometimes, and I think that was the case when I looked at this the other day. And that bit still doesn't look right to me, but it does look exactly like the one in the video that Guy linked, so have to assume that your friend gave you exactly what you need. So the two things I would wonder with the holes being too large are how old was the concrete and did you use a hammer drill? "Green" or fresh concrete that has not cured will crumble, leaving a larger hole, and a regular, non-hammer drill will bounce around, opening the hole.
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Those are called Caulk-Ins. Rawl was the biggest company selling them. The insert does fit loose into the drilled hole. After you put the insert in you use the drive tool which expands the fastener to fit the hole. The tighter the screw pulls the more the fastener expands. In the picture is the end that goes into the hole.

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