Framing a flush beam ground level deck


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My back yard is the entire length of my house and about 15 feet from my house is a full length retaining wall so I'm filling the space with a ground-level deck. If I want to step out onto the deck from my back doors, I'm really restricted for height, in fact, I'll have to remove some ground level to make room for the framing. I need to avoid placing my footings too close to the retaining wall and my house so I need to cantilever over my deck posts to carry my decking all the way to the house and retaining wall. My question is - Using sistered (doubled) 2x6's as joists and beams... how do I attach my rim joists to my beam ends? Thanks in advance. MN

Hi Guys,

I'm designing a big ground level, flush beam deck. I'll be using double 2x6's for the beams and rim joists. I'm in southern California where the frost depth is only 5 inches because we never get any freezing temps here.

I'm decking the space between my house and a parallel retaining wall so I'm avoiding their footings by positioning deck footings no closer than 18" from both. I'll cantilever the beams so I can deck right up to the wall and the house.

So here's the question - How do I frame the inside corners when I cant cantilever far enough to get in there?

I'm avoiding a ledger board because I think it'll give me even more headaches trying to figure out how to install one properly. Any ideas about how I can keep this freestanding and still deck right into those corners? Thanks in advance. MN
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Posted for Xsleeper. Board hiccup during thread combining.

Pilot Dane wrote:
I would NOT do a ground level deck. It's too low for it to receive proper airflow so the wood can remain wet and prematurely rot. I would look into a masonry patio instead.

Shiftstick wrote:

Yep, you need to think 'patio' instead of 'deck.'

XSleeper wrote:
You would shift things around and position the beams so they are right in the corners.

As someone already mentioned in your other thread, decks so close to the ground are a bad idea... digging a hole under one is probably even worse.

And please keep questions about the same project in one thread. I have combined your 2 threads into one.
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Split it

I see on your drawing that there are piers in the middle of the deck, running the length of the house. Split the deck into two frames. One from the center piers to the house. Build it and push the frame to the house. I doesn't need to be tight, 1/2" or so. Then build the frame from the piers to the retaining wall. Leave enough space on the retaining wall side to nail the rim into place. The other ends of the joists will be resting on the first deck section. Push it into place. Attach the two pieces and deck it.

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