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My post are going to be 13.5' away from the house, how far apart can I space 2 of them? The beam is going to be made up of 2 or 3 2x10s, treated lumber.
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Call your inspector to be sure, but as I recall you can span 8' on a doubled 2x8 and (I think) 10.5' on doubled 2x10. Best of luck!
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Your right, I will call the inspector but I would like to have the deck pretty much designed before I go over it with him.

When you say span 10.5' with two 2x10s you mean the beam on top of the post with 13.5' 2x10 joist attached correct? I would like to space them 8.5' so I don't need to go that far. Will this be enough to keep the deck solid feeling and not have much spring? Thanks for your help.
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Double 2x10 header can span the full 10 foot. I believe that this could also be using #3 lumber.

If all you want to do is span 8' 6" then double 2x8 should be adequate. Ask the inpector..............
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