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This weekend I’ll be attempting to rehab my deck. My insurance company has decided that the main structure is sound but could be repositioned to put it back to level. It’s 21 years old but all support boards are in good condition since they are womanized 2” x 6”s. The floorboards are also in good condition since we regularly applied a sealer. They are also womanized 2” x 6”s. This spring we discovered that the deck had sunk on diagonal corners from 3” to 6” and is now slightly racked. We had standing snow to a depth of 2’ for about 3 months. The experts at the insurance company have determined that this extreme weight was partly the cause. We also think that there may have been decayed substance more than 4’ into the areas of the sinking.

I’m hoping that with specifics about my deck you can advice me that what I’m attempting is either practical or I should abandon the concept.

Deck size is 12’ x 18’ and the floor is 28” above ground. The support boards are 2” x 6” x 12’ and are spaced 24” on center. They are attached to a 2” x 8” apron that also serves as a fascia board. Each floorboard is 2” x 6” x 12’ and 6’ together making the 18’ span.

6 - 4” x 4”s where placed in holes about 4’ deep with broken bricks placed at the very bottom so that the wood would not be in contact with the ground. They where leveled than concrete was poured around each post. The post’s are planted in 2 rows of 3, spaced about 8’ apart. The top of the posts has a 16’ x 2” x 8” attached on each side. In other words 2 - 2” x 8”s are attached to each 4” x 4” top. This created a bridge for the structure to be attached. While it’s cantilevered it’s not extreme, I had an architect friend review each step for structural soundness. The deck is not attached to the house in consideration of property taxes.

My proposal is to use 2 hydraulic jacks to raise the 2 corners to level. If there is no serious warping or bowing than we can continue with the rehab. I would like to replace each 4” x 4” cutting them off at ground level than removing the carriage bolts that hold them to the pair of 2” x 8”s. Position a DEK-Block pier over the spot in the ground where the original 4” x 4” was located. Place a new 4” x 4” on the DEK-Block then using new carriage bolts connect to the pair of 2” x 8”s. After each existing post is replaced I may need to attach a 2” x 4” or 2” x 6” to the entire span of 4” x 4”s to strengthen the structure. It could be a good idea to add 1 post to each row of 3 to end up with 4 in a row spaced 4’ apart.

Any help and advice you can give me is appreciated.
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Are you sure it's the post that sunk and not the joists? The posts are 4' deep in cement, and a 2x6 shouldn't span 8' between beams or 2' cantilever. Also, I would never use 2x6 joists on 24" centers. I bet if you call your inspector, all three of these would be code violations. If the joists are still straight and true and you're sure it's the posts, your description sounds fine. I don't know that I'd worry about adding a post as the doubled 2x8 beam is sufficient to span 8'. Good Luck!
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