Designing decking with shed in back garden Help Needed!

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Designing decking with shed in back garden Help Needed!

Hello, my wife and I are looking to put decking in our back garden with a shed sitting on top of part of it but we have some problems.

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We'd like the decking to go all the way up to the large window and extend further past our old shed to make room for a new larger shed like an L-shape.

I think we have a few issues one being drainage. The slabbed surface hardly ever fully evaporates even though there is a drain where the guttering is, water from the slabs doesn't drain off to the drain I guess because its level and not sloped?

I don't know how I should prepare the site for decking would I need to break up all the concrete and slabs and then re-level it all so that all surface water drains away from the house?

Another concern is we constantly get moss blown off the roof to the slabbed area - could this be resolved permanently by having the roof and guttering cleaned? Or is it likely to be a recurring problem due to an underlying issue?

My wife suggested putting down composite decking as wood would be too slippery.

Does anyone think it's a good idea to put decking down in this area? How should I go about doing it? Thanks Lewis.
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Not fully understanding the shed part but you generally do not put a shed on top of a deck, but a few comments.

Drainage, you have a lot of solid surface there so when you get water, it cant go anywhere. Sloping or some type of drain system is needed but then you have to have somewhere for it all to go other than your next door neighbor.

Moss on roof is indication of cool damp condition, clean it and chance are it will come back!

Composite or wood, if covered with moss from a cool damp location will make either one slippery!
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