Rain water flowing towards the house

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Rain water flowing towards the house

Every time it rains, a little water accumulates by the back wall of the basement (the water has started seeping in). Please see the pic, the area where water is flowing to and stands is highlighted in the box. The general direction of the slope is indicated with red arrow. The gutter downspout is on the other side of the house and not causing this. I took the picture from the outside of detached garage, and as you can see the floor is basically concrete from where i am standing going all the way to the back wall of the house (red box). Its the rain water that falls where i am standing is flowing to that area (so its not as simple as fiddling with the gutters) .

How can I make the water flow away from the house? As I said there is not too much water so is there something temporary i can use that would quickly soak up this water before it gets to the wall?
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Only thing that comes to mind is mudjacking (either foam or grout) or else a complete tearout and pour the new concrete so it slopes away from the house more than it does now.
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Thanks Xsleeper. I will look into mudjacking. In the meantime I was thinking to get Quick Dam sold on Amazon, its water activated and reusable (link below). Let me know if there is a better temporary option.

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OR you can build up the existing conc to direct water AWAY from your house,,, since this is a diy forum, doubtful you have a mudjacking pump in the garage you're not using,,, certainly a LOT less $ to diy
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That matl is a temp solution at best, so what happens every time it soaks up water, then you have to attempt to dry it out for the next opportunity.

I've had some foam jacking of a sidewalk that we installed when the house was new and settled after a couple of years, I expected to gain a couple years but it's been 6 years with no change so the process does work and a significant cost advantage over replacing!

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