Deck Joist Help

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Deck Joist Help

Here is the link to my exisiting Joist:

I am planning on replacing my deck boards. Deck is at least 16 years old. We had a lot of weight on this deck within the past year since we bought the house. Grill, smoker, firewood rack, large potted plants, and deck furinture. At one point had 30 people on it. Seemed just fine.

I have had a dozen different answers from friends who build decks for a living or have dones so many times. The only thing they all seem to agree on is that the Joist boards look to be in good shape.

With that said, my deck expands 14 feet from the house to the ramp. They used joist hangers from the house and not on the side with the ramp. There is no support in the middle. Space from the joist to the ground ranges from 6 inches to foot and half.

I have been told the following for options by the pros:

Option 1: It's fine, just put the new boards on.

Option 2: Add some treated 2x4's to the side of the joist on the sections that will have a seam. Put new deck board screws into that 2x4. Add the new deck boards.

Option 3: Add a 2x6 board attached to the side of a joist, and then cement it 2 feet in ground. Make the whole a wide square. Do this in two to four spots on the deck. Then add new deck boards.

Option 4: Combination of all three.

Any thoughts based on the pictures? Any suggestion welcomed. Just rained, so some of the photos the wood is wet. Keep in mind we are having a massive wood shortage here and I can't necessarily get certain things.
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i would used some cross bridges pieces between the joist every 4 feets
then used serf adhesive tape for window seal all along the joist top then lay your boards over should be fine
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Could not get the picture to come up.
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I would agree with option one. They look fine. And taping the top of your joists (as suggested) would prevent water from wicking down the old holes. Adding a row or two of solid blocking between joists would add a little rigidity to the framing and help keep them straight during your makeover.

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