deck stair attach to 2X8 end joist


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deck stair attach to 2X8 end joist

Hi there, hope you had a wonderful long weekend.
I am building stairs for my deck, and have question about how to attach the top of the stairs to the end joist, which is 2x8. Please help.
  1. Per code, I need to use Stringer Connector, as I found in home depot, which says working for 2x10 or 2x12.
  2. I saw professionals, in YouTube, attaching another 2x8 to the bottom of the end joist so the first step would be the same, like 7". so I am thinking to do the same, add (2) 2x8 below the end joist:
    1. Install the adjacent deck rail guard posts down 7.25 inches so one end of the lower 2x8 can attach to it with 3" screws. See attached pictures.
    2. On the other side, I am going to use a concealed joist hanger to attach to the beam so the lower 2x8 can rest on.
    3. In the middle, around 12 inches from the rim joist, I am going to screw a 2x8x 14 inches on the back of the end joist to connect the two 2x8s with 2 rows of 3" screws. I saw some mechanic connector serving the same purpose. It is like a steel plate with holes, just screw half on the upper wood and the rest half on the bottom wood. What is the name of this mechanic connector? And is it better? Screwing a 2x8 on the back sound too bulky. lol

  3. The code says:

So I am wondering, 1. Is my design ok per code? 2. Any better way to attach the stairs? The height from the top of my deck to the ground is roughly 29 inches, so 3 steps is good enough to me.

Thanks in advance.
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When I build steps such as this, the top step is flush with the deck floor. The stringer attaches to the existing joist. My method adds an additional step to your plan.
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