Sunroom Renovation


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Sunroom Renovation


I am new to this forum. I am planning to renovate my existing sunroom which is not insulated and gets very cold during winter and hot during summer. Please provide your inputs in following areas I am planning to work on.
I am quite new and dont have much hands on experience so please forgive for any basic questions

1) Insulate the roof : The current roof is build using colorbond and donot have any support(using pillars). The size is 7m(L)X2.5m(W). Please refer to attached image current_roof.jpg. I was intially thinking of inusulated roof panels, but its very expensive. My idea is to insulate the roof, build a light weight frame and cover it using some leight weight sheets.
  • Please suggest what material I can use for insulation
  • How to build the light weight frame. I need to join it to existing structure. Please refer to attached image steel_frame for an idea I got.
  • What material to use for covering the roof (qyprock will be heavy).
2) For the floor do I need to under floor insulation or just putting a vinyl floor board on top of existing will work

I have atatched some photos for reference.
Thanks in advance.


I am planning to rivet/glue steel frame to this existing frame

This is current colorbond roof. Please let me know if I can stick the insulation material to it and the use steel frame and some light weight material to cover it

Got this idea from a friends house
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What you want to do will be an exercise in futility. Sunrooms are not meant (not built) to be comfortable year round. The uninsulated roof, the single pane (and likely drafty) windows, thin walls, metal construction (a great conductor of hot and cold) uninsulated patio and no heating or air conditioning (to climate control the space) are all factors working against you. That's why they call them 3 season rooms... but depending on your climate they can be more like 2 season rooms... in other words, useful only when the weather is nice.

If your goal is to have a more comfortable room, you would really need to tear that thing down and start over. Just replacing the roof with insulated panels is only going to help a certain amount... although that would give you the most bang for the buck. The other factors will eventually win out as it gets extremely hot or cold.
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Around here, these rooms often have doors to seal them from the rest of the house so they can be left unheated or uncooled during extreme weather without a major effect on the rest of the house - mine is that way.
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It does not look like you have enough room to add any insulation that would do much.

To add insulation it would probably have to go on top of the existing roof or install a new roof.

Also as mentioned earlier the walls etc. are probably not made to keep heat in or the cold out.
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