HOA approval before doing home exterior improvments


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HOA approval before doing home exterior improvments

I am considering building a backyard 1) deck, 2) (wood or stone) patio under the deck, and 3) backyard fence. I may get all three or may end up getting one or two. I completely understand that you need HOA approval before you can start the construction. I am finding HOA submission requirements are overwhelming as I'm not versed in construction.. HOA prevents the construction until approval is granted from master HOA, and my neighborhood sub-association HOA (we have two HOAs governing my neighborhood, and I pay two HOA fees so it sounds like need approval from 2 HOAs), and 6 of my immediate neighbors have to give acknowledgement signatures.

My question is are there contractors who will deal with HOAs on behalf of the homeowner in terms of getting approval and making sure things get done in compliance with HOA rule? How much extra should I expect to pay for the contractor to deal with HOAs' bureaucratic stuffs? If I find a contractor who will deal with HOAs, what do I need to be aware of? Thanks for any info and your opinions.
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There are probably contractors that could handle the project start to finish including the HOA approvals... for a price. You did not say where you are located so any number we provide will just be a guess. HOA's come in all flavors and with differing levels of bureaucracy. You should contact multiple contractors to gauge their experience working with HOA's, hopefully your HOA's, and compare the prices. If you do go this route I would still stay very involved in the process as you are the one ultimately responsible for everything.
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Don't forget the permits from the municipal authority having jurisdiction for construction.
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Having been involved in 3 HOA's we were never considered to be the ****s as depicted on TV.

In reality HOA's pretty much have to conform to your local building guidelines with maybe a few decorative items in place.

I have never seen, or ever heard of any contractor representing a home owner for an improvement. Typ you take your plans to them, they approve then on to local building dept.

Give them a call and explain before you visit to eliminate delay!
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