2.625 inch wide picturing frame?


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2.625 inch wide picturing frame?

Happy Friday!

I am building a deck in my backyard, and have a crazy idea of picturing frame the decking with half of the square edge Trex Select board. Is it possible? Following are my thoughts:

1. My deck wasn’t designed to picturing frame.
2. I installed guard post inside rim posts. The bolt head sticks out for half inch or more.
3. After looking at a sample of grooved board, the core part looks very different than the shell.
4. So I am thinking that I can cut leftover 4x4 post half to 7.25 inches long as cleats and nail it to the end joist every 16 inches. This serves two purposes: a. I can attach fascia board to the cleats. 2. I have now 2.6 inch space for picturing frame. 4x4 is 3.5 inches wide so half is about 3.5x1.625, count the 1/4 may lose in cutting. So I have 1.625 + .5 of fascia + 0.5 overhang = 2.625, perfect for frame with half of a 5.5 inch Select decking board.
4. I could install the half decking board on top of cleats with deck screws, and construction adhesive as secondary fastener.
5. The other half could be installed the same way on the other side of deck.

Is this doable? I mean it may hide the cut end, but anything might be bad in this design? Has anyone done this before?


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Typically fascia is only applied to a solid surface, directly to the rim... not on blocks. The fascia is thin and it tends to get wavy. They also recommend most fasteners be placed every 12" and that you use a continuous bead of sealant behind as a secondary fastener. You can't do that if you are just attaching it to blocks.


And the cut edge of your plank will need to be rounded with a trim router and a roundover bit.

Most often, if you dont have a nosing around tge deck perimeter, you raise the fascia up to cover the cut end of the decking. The only time you cant do that is when you have used 2x12 joists, since that's how wide the fascia is, and lifting it up 1" to cover the cut ends of the decking would leave the bottom 1" of the 2x12 exposed. Maybe some people dont mind they way that looks.
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Cover cut end decking board and install fascia on bolt head

Thanks, XSleeper.

That is very helpful. I will raise the fascia to cover the cut end of decking. The end joist may have 1" uncovered by fascia at the bottom, but we can live with it. The good thing is that I don't have to rip out a decking board half!

I got the idea from several online articles, like https://www.finehomebuilding.com/201...for-bolt-heads. Since I installed the post inside rim joist, it might be a bad idea to countersink the 0.5+ bolt in a 1.5 inch wide joist, or bore the fascia to accommodate the bolt head. The online article mentioned other benefits.

Combining the idea of using fascia to cover cut end idea, what I am going to do are:

1. Make 0.75x3.5 spacer strips from 4x4 post.
2. Screw strips to end joist every 12 inches.
3. Overhang decking board 0.5 inch.
4. Screw and glue fascia to strips and cover the decking cut end. The gap between fascia and deck butt is 0.25 inch.

I understand it doesn't comply with Trex's recommendation, but don't have better solution, and am curious if anyone has done this before.

Thank you,

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