pressure treated lumber sealer?


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pressure treated lumber sealer?

Hi there,

I heard that we may need to seal the pressure treated joist, beams. Is that true? Any suggestion what is the sealer should I use for deck joist, beam and ledger?

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I heard...
They cant put it on the internet if it isnt true, you know.

Its pressure treated wood, it's already been treated. Some people like to add a waterproofing wood sealer or coating to the wood DECKING as it ages just to help it resist water, and they like to see the water bead up on it when it rains. Those types of sealers dont last long and need to be reapplied regularly.

You can spend your money however you want but imo there are probably bigger fish to fry elsewhere.

The field cut ends of your deck framing can have an added sealer brushed on, if desired. But that is done during construction... no point in doing it afterward. Something like Coppercote or Anchorseal2 is used by some. Its brushed on cut ends as you cut them, before you assemble. Not critical if it isn't done.
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There are number of products the would be appropriate. GREENWOD is a popular brand. But the real question is what are you trying to protect the wood from? Outside weather, termites or ground level protection? If the ends are just exposed and not subject to any major moisture then just dipping in a Thompson's type weather seal may be good enough. If it's for fence post tops none should be needed but the tops should slopped.
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Appreciated your inputs.

From an article I read, it says that pressure treated lumber is treated for rot and termite, but not for elements like sun or water so it recommends some sealer or stain. Apparently it wonít hurt but may be costly, and need reapply every couple of years, as XSleeper said.

If most people here donít think itís necessary, then itís likely just by book.

yes, I treated lumber cuts and planed surface with greenish wood preservative.
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I'm a painter so my advice might be slightly slanted
PT wood will look nicer if it's stained every so often. I think it will last longer too although coating PT wood isn't imperative like it is for most non treated woods exposed to the weather. I've never seen a need to stain deck framing and the like unless it's very visible [like the underside of a 2 story deck] Decks typically see more weather than any other wood on a house. Deck stains generally last 1-5 yrs depending on the quality of the stain and the type of exposure the deck gets.
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take a look at "Woodlife Classic"
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