stair stringers are a bit off but level


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stair stringers are a bit off but level

I built 6 stringers from one template. The first set of 3 is mounted and level and levelwith each other.
The second set I have the outside stringers tacked on. I placed the middle one in, temporary, and this set of 3 is level and level with each other BUT:
them middle stinger riser face is about 1/4" inset from the outside. When I put a level across the middle stringer riser face does not match up like it does on all the tread faces.
I went back and checked the first set of stringers. They're are no treads attached yet. It has the same problem but with a 1/8" gap on the middle stringer.
When i close the risers, or face them, it wont matter because the middle is not sticking out further than the 2 edge stringers.
But it's bugging me the middle doesnt line up on each of the stairs and that they are different by an 1/8" from each other. The tops of the stringers are level and bottom nose of the stringers are, too. But the noses on the landing are short as described. Im not a perfectionist but I do like things to be "right". I just laid the template up there and it is short also on one stair. The other stair didnt tell anything as the bottom treads are all 3 different to accomodate old concrete slanted step.
Is there something I am not seeing here?
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Generally when you make stringers, if you want them all perfect you need to clamp all of them together after you cut them, and fine tune them with a grinder and sanding disk so that they all match exactly. If you didn't do that, then they don't match as close as you think they do.

There is a trick to cutting them as well, but no point getting into that since you are beyond that point.
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thanks and youre right. anyone out there cutting stringers do what xsleeper says. Clamp them all together and make them sure they match, modify as neccesary. I forgot to do that. thanks.
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Also, if you are using one stringer as a template to mark the others make sure you use that one master for marking all the others. Many people use the last one they cut to mark the next. Each time you scribe out the pattern it's easy to get a pencil width off and the error can accumulate if you use the previous one instead of the master for marking.
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