temporary heat option for a 3 season porch


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temporary heat option for a 3 season porch

I have a 3 season porch
see picture 3 season porch
The flooring is trex and below has rigid foam to keep the draft out from underneath, newer windows on sides( double pane) walls are not insulated
I'd like to heat it occasionally 1x a week max for a few hours when guests come over etc, kids to leave us alone mainly on the shoulder seasons of New england but occasionally in winter when its 35 degrees out, ( I'd like to heat it to 50ish degrees not to 80 degrees and i'd like to warm it up "instantly". Instantly does not mean in 30 seconds but takign 8 hours to warm up is not what i want either
Any options out there?
Ive tried the i1500w infra red wall heater from amazon 1 barely warmed me 3 feet away.
I've tried an oil filled radiator and after 5 hours it might have risen 2 degrees in the room. I tried the radiator and a small blower heater plug in and they tripped the circuit.
I understand i'm trying to heat the structure etc and that is my biggest hurdle. I literally just want a human sized warming lamp.
Would a kerosene heater make a dent? or even one of the over infrared heaters on a 220 circuit similar to what they have outside hotels for the doormen. ( my google search ability has found me nothing)
I was even thinking of putting a patio heater with propane tank in there to give off heat,
Again I only want to use it for a few hours at a time

Thank you
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Maybe a mini split wall unit? Or if you don't need the A/C just get an electric wall unit. Something like this.
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The best way to heat an unheated area is by by pushing warm air in from somewhere else.
I've got a similar sized "sun room" and I can usually heat the space with a fan, pushing cool air into the main area of the house and setting the thermostat up, while pulling warm air in from the rest of the house. Now, my sunroom has 2 doors which lends itself to in/out so circulation, you may have a much different situation with only 1 entrance.

I would add some plastic/ or fabric to the storage area UNDERNEATH, because even with foam, a cold floor will rob heat very quickly. Next, adding very light gauzy drapes to those windows will make a BIG difference in heat loss. One good point, I see you've got a ceiling fan, which is great for pushing warm air down from the top of the roof and for evening out heat.

How many circuits go to the room? Our sunroom has a dedicated circuit for the ceiling fan, which has six exposed "chandelier" lights: in winter I swap in halogen bulbs, which adds a constant 1,200w of heat which does help take the chill off. (In summer those get switched out for much cooler running LED bulbs that don't generate any heat.)

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Do you have propane or natural gas available. A indoor rated, vent free heater would be an option. Indoor rated ones have low oxygen "sensors" and some have a pretty flame. A 30'000 btu heater could warm up that space pretty quickly so you wouldn't have to start heating the room hours before you wanted to use it.

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