Several Deck questions


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1) Can anyone give a brief description of how a substructure will differ if I wish the decking to run perpindicular to the house rather than parallel?

2) Is redwood more expensive than treated lumber? How much?

3) Is treated lumber harmful to pets and small children?

4) Will redwood need to be treated?

5) I'm looking at using treated lumber for substructure and redwood for deck and railing. Will my deck look wierd?

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1. substructure for perpendicular decking will require beams running perpendicular from the house and joists running parallel to the house(across the beams) This will add to the cost of your deck due to the addtional lumber but it can look very nice if that is the look you are looking for.

2. Redwood is more expensive than treated lumber. How much I believe will depend on your location.

3. Treated lumber can be harmful to pets and children in certain situations; however, pressure treated lumber that is well sealed is safe for outside home use. Do a search on the web for articles that relate to this will find much info.

4. Redwood does not require treating or sealing; however, it will retain its new appearance if you seal it.

5. I don't think you will be able to find redwood in a size suitable for joists, beams and posts. Use p.t. lumber for the substructure and redwood for the decking and will look beutiful. You can use a stain or a tinted sealer that will make your p.t. lumber mimic the color of redwood.

good luck
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Pressure treated lumber doesn't have to be sealed to be safe. The only way it's harmful is if you're burning it and inhaling the fumes or eating the sawdust. So if you have small children, don't leave a whole bunch of sawdust laying around and you'll be fine.
Think of how many unsealed picnic tables there are for sale. Most people don't take them home and seal them, and kids eat off them everyday.
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