Building a deck onto a brick home


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I am preparing to build a deck onto my home and i was wondering, when i do so will i have to make my frame? What i mean is will i have to make my foundation since there is nowhere to attach my frame to the house? I was going to just build the frame as close to the house as i could so that i can still step out my back door and be on the deck...Any suggestions?
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Me too.

I'm building a deck for a brick house, and there are options for attaching the deck to the house. You can anchor your ledger board using anchors in the mortar of the brick, or you can use carriage bolts through the mortar and framing members of the house (provided you can access the other side for tightening nuts.) I considered what you suggested, but I want the added stability of being attached to the house.
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I too am wondering about securing a ledger board to brick, but in my case it is a brick foundation and a split level deck. The upper deck will be attached to the house on the floor joists, but the lower deck would have to be attatched through the brick (pier) foundation. Have you talked to someone that knows that attaching the ledger board to the brick using bolts is the proper way, or are you simply offering it as an option? Either way, it is reassuring to know someone is thinking the same way I am...
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You might want to check with someone that has some experience in this area. I'm just doing what I've seen done in books. The Southern Living Complete Deck Book shows how to anchor to masonry. There's a video, How to Clinic: How to Build a Deck (Or something like that) that shows how to attach a ledger to a siding house. I intend to combine the two methods: 1)Drill through ledger, mortar, and the house's rim joist. 2) squirt some caulk in to seal it. 3)Drive a carriage bolt through, and tighten the nut on the other side (from inside the basement).

That's my intent, but obviously it will vary from situation to situation. See what the moderator thinks.
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I have drilled through the motor and ..

It is your most secure way to go. Builders refer to it as sandwiching the brick wall. Problem is, it is ALOT of work.
You can't drill the holes just anywhere. The have to be at mortor joints and the brick corners are the best as they offer more room. If your floor joists run perp. to the wall, you have to drill where they are not. Also you should try not to drill hwere the joist hangers will go.
I first factored in the above to get the best hole placement. I then drilled through the mortor and band joist into the basement. Then I used makeshift cleats and supports to hold the ledger against the house and level. Then I went into the basement and marked the holes on the back side of the ledger from the inside out. Going back outside, I drilled the ledger at the marks and attached with long carraige bolts. The bolts are never perfectly spaced, but it is very secure. Doing this alone will take about three to four hours
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