High Performance Bedding (HPB) for pavers in So. Cal.?

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Question High Performance Bedding (HPB) for pavers in So. Cal.?

For past paving projects, I have used a concrete sand bedding atop compacted Class II Road Base (3/4 aggregate and lower). Lately I have been reading about using "High Performance Bedding" for the bedding layer instead of concrete sand. HPB looks to be a 1/4" limestone chip with no fines.

Has anyone been able to find this, or something comparable, in the San Diego area?

What attracts me to this as a bedding option is that the screeded bedding is not as fragile as a freshly screeded sand bed. As a DIYer, I sometimes can't get down all the pavers that had expected to before I have to run off for another household obligation, and then I am stressed that my beautiful level sand bed will be messed up if a lizard passes by and sneezes on it (or, as has happened, my cat introduces "organic matter" into my bed). Also, I have read that HPB compacts negligibly after laying the pavers, which I am hoping will make it easier to match pavers to an existing slab. I've matched pavers to a slab successfully in the past when using sand, but exactly how much the pavers will settle in the final compaction run is not 100% predictable, and I never know if I got it right until the job is basically all done.

All that is not meant to be a sales pitch for HPB - I've never used it before - I just mention it because if anyone else knows of other solutions to these challenges, I am all ears!

I have a feeling that HPB is a regional thing. I haven't found anyone in San Diego who is familiar with it.

Thanks for any insights!


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When searching.... also ask for 1/4" crushed stone. May be less costly.

I got many links but many places didn't sell it.
Quarries and beyond
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Of course it's regional, your going to get what is local.

Here in MI we use crushed limestone with dust, it's excellent for compaction. Top setting material is foundry/slag sand, very large and sharp. I don't think there is a huge difference between them as long as the application is correct.
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I use crusher run for my compacted bases. Then stone dust for the sand layer. It's a byproduct of stone crushing and has flakes from about 3/8" down to dust. It has less compaction than masonry sand but when compacted becomes quite hard. Even when freshly applied it can withstand animals and rain better than plain sand. Still, I only spread as much sand (stone dust) as I can cover that day. I try very hard to never leave a prepared sand bed unprotected.
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Thanks for the info! I'll look for 1/4" crushed. A fellow elsewhere also recommended that I check the material to make sure it only includes sharp angular chip, since rounded material defeats the purpose of creating a stable bed.

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