Driveway is separating from house?

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Driveway is separating from house?

We are looking at purchasing a property that has a gap between the house and the driveway. Is this a major concern? Any ideas on what causes this and/or how it should be addressed?


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Over time concrete slabs heave and move with the seasons, some more than others. Water and drainage has a big part.

I have seen a lot worst. Sealing up the gaps with self leveling sealant will keep water out and help the situation not get worse.

That is on the fall to-do list for me!
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That hasn't slid, it was poured that way. And the area in front of the brick that has broken was because they should not have tried to pin it to the foundation with rebar. The driveway needs to float.

The gaps simply need to be filled with backer rod and a self levelling concrete sealant.
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I agree. It has not really moved away from the house. If you look at the gap near the house it is much smaller. The larger appearing gap in front of the garage door may have been been because the concrete workers could use their rounding over edge float in that area. This creates a slightly rounded edge less likely to chip off.
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Fill it with a backer rod so that about a 1/4" is left open. Then use a cement filler or repair patch. It will need to be done again in few years depending on the weather and use.
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