Advice for paver patio

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Advice for paver patio

I have had a pool installed perpendicular to the back of my house. The nearest end of the pool sits out of the gorund about 4 inches. The other end of the pool sits 2 ft out of the ground due to original grade of yard. I used the dirt from the pool dig out to raise the grade on both sides of the pool where it is 2 ft out of ground high enough to put a 4" base 1" sand so that the paver will be level with the pool but sloping away. I have installed a retaining wall around the build up of dirt around the pool. My concern is that the newly excavated dirt will sink taking the pavers with it. Is this a valid concern or is running it over with a large heavy skid steer enough to make it stable as was done when the dirt was used to build up the grade. How long do i need to wait before putting pavers on it.
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I would have compacted the fill with a plate compactor just to be sure. I always go with more base, walkways get 6-8" and patios 8-10". The base is what it's all about so don't scrimp.

Without compacting I'd let it sit over the winter at a min/
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Yes, settling is a concern. If you didn't properly compact when installing the soil it will probably be settling for a long time... many years.
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Most tool rental places rent plate compactors. Definitely worth the cost to make sure your pavers aren't moving around. I rented one for around $80 from HD last year. I laid a 6" base in two compacted lifts and used around 2" of leveling sand.
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The problem with compacting is it only works to a short depth. Most small tools like a plate compactor only work on about 4-6" of soil. You would have a hard crust on top of soft, settling soil. Bigger machines can compact thicker layers but even large construction project lay dirt out in thin layers and compact before adding another layer on top.

Fastest would be to remove your fill dirt and reinstall, compacting in layers as you go. Or, the loose fill can be removed and replaced with clean crushed stone, many types naturally assume a compacted state on their own and don't need to be mechanically compacted for residential work like a paver patio.

Or, just build your paver patio on top keeping in mind that the patio may settle. In a few years you may need to remove the pavers and put down another layer of base or sand to re-level the area. This may need to be repeated over time but eventually (many years) the settling will stop.
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The proper base is some sort of compactible stone. By using dirt, you have included organic material which will decay and cause sinking for quite a while.

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