add traction grip to slippery mossy wood steps?

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add traction grip to slippery mossy wood steps?

house has lots of maple oak etc tree shade, front slate walkway is like ice a couple days after rain or when foggy, I think for that I'm just going to spray wetand-forget which should kill and existing moss/mildew and hopefully hinder much new regrowth for a while, I mean that's about all I can do, I can't like add some material on top of the slate.

There's also a set of very slippery older wood steps. Originally there is 3 slats of treated wood about 1/5" wide and 1/2" thick Three of them going longways along each step but they're also slippery.

I know there's glue-on sandpaper traction tape but I've used them elsewhere and they don't stay on for too long, hoping for something more permanent. I don't want something tacky like screwing a thousand screws into the steps and leaving the heads up a tad. Any suggestions, or just remove the 3 thin strips and glue down some traction tape?
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Cleaning is the best way to limit the slipperiness. A good pressure washing to get everything cleaned off would be a good start. Then a light pressure washing twice a year should keep it pretty clean and much more grippy. Spraying an anti-mold product after cleaning will extend the time between cleanings. But cleaning is the important part. Simply spraying a product and walking away isn't going to provide great results.

There is sandpaper non-slip. Unfortunately it will junk up just like the stone and steps so it too will need somewhat regular cleaning to maintain the non-slip properties.

About the only thing that will remain grippy without cleaning is a very aggressive stamped metal. It's used on stairs at ski resorts and in factories but it's ugly and brutal to bare feet or if you fall on it (think cheese grater).
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Powerwash and/or sand them down once in a while. The problem is likely due to them being in the shade with the trees and never getting powerwashed.

You can also put adhesive non-slip strips on them, but only once they are clean and dry. And they will be a maintenence issue because they may not stick forever.
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As previously stated, cleaning the steps must be the first step. Afterward, I'd consider non-skid paint assuming you can find something that matches properly. Alternatively, you can get a non-skid additive for paint or stain.
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My old farmhouse has a shaded NorthWest facing walkway that accumulates moss and weeds.

I've had great results with south Philly style "Sicilian Roundup"... aka boiling salty water from cooking pasta...
Once the pasta is cooked, scoot out of the kitchen and use the strainer to pour the hot pasta water over any weeds coming up in the cracks, and onto wooden steps- the saltwater leaches into the wood a bit, and it appears the salt reduces moss.

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