Roof of Porch to Brick of House


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I am screening in my deck and I was unsure how to connect my roof to the side of the house because it is brick. Any suggestions?
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I'm not a contractor, but this is how I would do it. Maybe lefty or one of the other pros in here will have other suggestions.
Use a masonry bit to drill holes in the mortar for expandable lead anchors and lag bolts for the framing to attach the roof to the brick wall.
(I assume that the porch roof is sloped and it connects in a straight line across the face of the brick.)
After sheathing the roof with plywood, roofing felt and shingles, use a masonry blade in a skilsaw and cut a groove about 1/2"+ deep in the brick wall (preferably in a mortar line where it is easier) a few inches above the roof.
Bend a 1/2" lip across the top of a solid piece of aluminum flashing (comes in rolls of various widths) to go into the wall groove, and allow a few inches of overlap on the top row of shingles.
Should be sort of a Z with the 1/2" lip at the top.
Use black plastic roofing cement from the groove down the brick and onto the top row of shingles for a weather-tight sealer, and install the flashing over it, (This cement is REAL sticky, so use throw-away rubber gloves and old clothes when spreading it with a paint stir stick, putty knife, etc.).
Use masonry nails to nail the flashing to the brick over the roofing cement(again in the mortar where it is easier to drive them), and roofing nails to hold the flashing down to the top row of shingles. Use roofing cement to seal the nailheads.
Optional: After the flashing is installed, add another layer of shingles across the top row just to cover the flashing (for looks, if it shows). You also should be able to paint the flashing on the brick wall, if you choose, to blend it in.
Good Luck! Mike

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I wouldn't use the bricks to support the patio roof, ESPECIALLY if they are clay bricks. I suggest you look at making the patio cover free standing. A beam parallel with the wall, somewhere between an inch to a foot away, supported by posts. Once the roof is on, flash between the patio roof and the brick wall as Mike suggested, with the saw kerf in the mortar.

The pitch of the patio roof will determine what is best to use as a roofing material. If the pitch is 3/12 or greater, then comp. or a similar roofing is OK. But if it will be less than 3/12, use metal roofing.
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