deck around hot tub


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deck around hot tub

We have a concrete slab patio off the kitchen, just installed a small, free standing hot tub on a pad just off the patio, about 8' away. Now to deck over the patio and connect to the spa! Any suggestions? The hot tub SHOULD have access all the way around, we probably shouldn't deck right up to the cedar surround it came with. We could make a ground level deck, a stone patio area (slippery ?) or........ Is it possible to make a hinged or lift-off perimeter to allow access? There won't be enough ground clearance to create a crawl space. I KNOW there is a way! Thanks for any suggestions.
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A couple of options come to mind, and this is what I will be doing with mine this summer.

First, I want the rim of the tub to be well above the deck. (Don't want the grandkids diving into the tub!) My patio has the standard 1/10" per foot fall. I will start with P.T. 2X4's laid flat on the concrete, 16" O.C. I will cut blocks of P.T. 4X4 posts cut at the length necessary to bring the 2X4's up to level. These 4X4 blocks will be about 16" apart. Then I will deck it with Trex, probably using the new Saddle color. In the area around the panel of the tub that I need access, I will simply have a lift out panel of decking (probably 2 deck boards wide and about 6' long) which I can lift out when I need to remove the cover panel from the tub. I will build a set of steps to allow folks to get into the tub easily.

One thing that can be changed would be to eliminate the 4X4 blocks, and just let the 2X4's lay right on the patio slab.
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Thanks for agreeing with what I had in mind for the most part! We want the entry level to be just right--don't want to have to sit on the deck and slide in, nor do we want to have to climb up. Just throw a leg over! I don't anticiapate having trouble with our new hot tub, but it would be stupid to build it in and have to rip out a good deck. Good luck with your project and happy tubbing!
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deck around hot tub

I hinged all of the access doors on my spa, because of rats...
Rats eat the vacuum tubeing because its made with vegetable oil. and they like warm places. this way i can put my traps out and look at them daily with ease.
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another good tip

oohhh rats! well I hope the cats keep that problem from occurring!
Happy tubbing!
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another good tip#2

i dont much care for cats, i have some super silver shnauzers.. and some how they get the rats and bring them in for my present.
Trap and all....its funny.
But the rats stink.
For cats i use a BB rifle, but i dont see many because i have an 8' fence around my back yard. and they wouldnt have a 60 second life span with my dogs.
The rats kinda went away lately (Maybe i got them all)......If i didnt live in town i would use .22 with hollow points on cats.
I dont know which is worse.. cats or RATS....
My mutts have even brough the rats in my bed and had a fiasco by rolling and wakeing me up to the stinky rat stench... i had to sleep on the floor and change the sheets the next morn.
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just because you dont like cats doesnt mean you can shoot them.. if we all abided by those rules you might find yourself at the receiving end of a double barrel shotgun my friend... think carefully---Josh
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