Brick as a decking surface?

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Brick as a decking surface?

Okay, before I even ask my question, I will say it is...a bit outlandish.

I am going to be reconstructing my deck soon, and had a tickle in my brain. Does anyone have any knowledge regarding using something like a thinset paver or tile for a decking surface? I know that the deck will be much heavier, and will require extra support, but what I don't know is what the waterproofing issues, if any, are between the brick and subflooring.

Has anyone seen this done before, or am I begging for trouble?

Thanks in advance.

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I have never seen it done, but I would be very concernced with any expansion/contraction or flexing since pavers work because of a good stone and sand base, the interlocking design, along with the sand compaction to hold them in place. If possible, keep the pavers in the ground and eliminate or modify the deck to accomodate.
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How about tile?

How about tile as a decking surface? Assume that the deck would be reinforced to support the extra weight. Assume that something non-slippery would be installed. I live in the Northeast and because of the temperature changes I have always assumed that the grouting would constantly crack and need replacing.
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If you were to try using tile outdoors on a deck, you should definitely be concerned with the subfloor expanding and contracting. When used outdoors, tile is usually attached to a solid surface like concrete.

You "could" use an epoxy base adhesive and grout, but these are ULTRA EXPENSIVE and can be difficult for a novice to work with. I used Laticret's epoxy adhesive and stainless epoxy grout on a custom shower I built. Dynamite stuff, and it'll take dynamite to remove it, but it's not easy to work with.

There are also other flexible adhesives that will allow for movement. You can find these at tile specialty stores, not places like Home Depot.

Is all of the time, extra effort, and no doubt extra $$$ worth it? In my opinion it always is if that's what you really want!

Good luck........

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