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I am building a deck with P.T. S.P. that is 6' high. I know that I am over building it, but I want no bounce. So it is 18' long with beams that are double 2x12 at 7' and 14' with a 4' 2x10 joist cantilever. I am using 6x6 posts. it is 42' wide, my goal was to cantilever the beam 2' on each side then put posts every 8' with 6 posts total, BUT I have a look out basment and that would put a post right in the middle of each window, I was wondering how far I could span those 6x6 posts? Is 8' the max? Or do I just need to have a few 5' spans and dig a few more holes?
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i do believe 2 feet is the maximum cantilever most codes will allow these days. Have you considered moving your beams to 8' and 16'? that would work for 2x10 joists and still be within the allowable overhang ( unless you dug holes or set forms already it would be easy paper change)

the 6x6 post span is not the thing.. you mean how far can you span the double 2x12 beam right? ... alot more than 6' ... from what i recall 2x10 beams in residential construction can span 6' and must carry the weight of up to 3 stories above them. You can def open up your span alot if youd like to dig less holes and save some concrete.

Why the 6x6 posts? .. if you are only using a double beam there will be a large difference when you attatch them to the top. Might make it hard to use a USP type cap to nail them on ( unless you just toe nail) 4x4s are pretty stout pieces of lumber despite what ive heard around some lumber yards including "i wouldnt use 4x4s for anything over 5 feet high" .. well i have a 500 gallon hot tub @ 2nd story level happily atop 11 4x4s ..

just some ideas .. hope this helps---Josh
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