10 x 24 deck?


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10 x 24 deck?

were thinking of building a 10x24 deck and were wondering about the best material to use (2x6 2x8 )(4x4post)? were thinking of going with 10ft 2x6's for for the deck or would 2x8's be better? also 2 2x6x10 for the end and 4 2x6x12's for the frame. what is the best way to put the 2x12's together to make the 24ft frame? also what is the best way to place the 4x4 posts and how many? i was thinking about 3 on each end and 3 on each side of the doorway for extra support. also what would be the best way to anchor the post in the ground? ive seen different ones and the one i like best is pouring concrete into round containers and putting metal (post holders??)?? into the concrete and then putting the 4x4 post into the holders.(i think this makes it so you can adjust the hight of the post but im not sure.
any ideas or is that good enough? oh yea this is going to be a free standing deck also.
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Starting at the bottom, digging your footings to the necessary size, filling them with concrete and using an embedded post base as you described is the best way to go one a free standing deck. How big the footings have to be and how far apart is determined by a lot of factors. How high above grade the deck will be, the size of girders and joists you will be using, what kind of soil you are dealing with, -- these are but a few. Best advise would be to check with some local 'authorities' -- folks who deal with these things on a regular basis. Might try your local bldg. dept., a local lumber yard that has a design service available (usually free), etc. The decking itself should be 2X6. Using a 5/4 or 2X4 for the decking will require more joists to support it, and anything wider than a 2X6 is going to cup, badly. You might look into some of the many composites that are out there. Most require that the joists be something on the order of 16" to 20" O.C., MAX., so you will need to plan on that. But, once you build the deck, you are finished. No staining or sealing is required. Any wood you use will have you staining and or sealing it every few years, or more.
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