Terecotta floor, white cabinets and....


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Terecotta floor, white cabinets and....

help.....what color counter tops should I use in my new kitchen?

Also could use recommendation on wall color or back splash tile color/designs.

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terracotta floor, white cabs

How brave are you about color? Terracotta is usually an orangey undertone - blue is opposite on the color wheel from orange and will go well if you keep it bright (Cobalt!) Also most shades of pure yellow (pale baby yellow, butter, and even a bright daisy yellow) look great with terracotta, or for something more sedate try one of the less intense yellow-greens like sage.
Look at Mexican tiles for inspiration! I'd avoid pinks and reds like the plague.
Before investing in tiles try your color(s) with paint first on the backsplash. Less lost if you decide you hate it after a week or two.
Good luck.
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Great ideas...thanks.......

2nd question....
What if we are starting from "mexican" terecotta red. But....He and She cant agree on the color of the counter top. But we love this floor.

What are some other good color combinations of cabinets and counter tops that would go with this floor?
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terracotta floor

I know what you mean about He and She! I had to fight for my purple front door and foyer but now everyone agrees it's great!

Other suggestions to go with terracotta and white...
warm golds
butcher block
more tile to match / coordinate with the floor
black, chocolate brown, or more white - letting the floor be your main area of color interest and keeping the work area neutral top to bottom. and throw in some terracotta color and some brighter accents in your accessories and backsplash accents (utensil jugs, planters, decorative tiles, borders, and decorative pieces) to coordinate and contrast with the floor.
OR if you can splurge on a natural stone surface like granite or marble... WoW! Keep similar colors throughout and use different textures to make things interesting -- baskets, textiles, woodwork, pottery (glazed and unglazed) different stones, concrete, iron or other metalwork...
Check the home decor section of the library - there are lots of idea books - browse them together and think hard about the things you like and dislike about each picture... you'll never find a photo of your "perfect" solution, but you can mix and match, pick and choose...

Another big consideration- do you really LOVE the terracotta floor or is it something you have to live with because it's already there? It may be worth replacing if neither of you are crazy about it and it makes it hard to bring in the things you really do like. You could also cover it with a large area rug or mat to minimize its impact.

What colors can you agree on? What other colors do you like in other rooms of your house, esp. rooms you can see from the kitchen? (Look in your clothes closet for a real honest answer - you almost never buy clothes in colors you hate!)
You spend a lot of time in your kitchen if you're like most folks, so use colors that make you happy, even if it's an unconventional choice.
If you go with more tile on the counters, make sure you use a one-piece bullnose edge (the tile is curved to wrap from the top and around the front edge of the counter) instead of using a flat front with a seam at the front corner edge... You'll be forever knocking tiles off!

good luck. Let us know what you decide!
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We are still chugging away. thanks for so much thought you have given us.

He is a butcher by trade, he loves the butcher block idea, she does not. We are infact putting the tile down as well, so the tile is our main choice. Everything else will revolve arount it.

Yes, we entertain a lot and this will have a "breakfest bar" of sorts in the design. So it will become the center of the house.

Maybe different clor cabinets will help us. We are going to sit down and look at other "marble" tops this week and check out the chocolate idea. Sounds nice.

If any other ideas pop up...please drop them our way.

To be continued...
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So we walked into this show room and found the most perfect counter top. Cream, swilr with red....some kind of granite. Well turns out that it is only good for bathrooms because of pit marks. The stone is 'puttied" up and coated prior to instalation. Not good for food surfaces and bacteria. And if you used white, lemon juice turns it purple.

Wow we were crushed.!

so we went back to the big walls again...looked at creams, yellows, blues....it all was not doing it for us....how depressing.

Then we found a counter with slate samples. Found a deep red honed slate finish. Beauuuuutiful. Woesie. Next we get to see the $ quote....! Also found a "clear: coated slate which shows a blue/purple hue. That seems to be our second choice at the moment. I heard slate scratches a bit, but looked like normal wear and tear. Maybe adds character???

So how about Mexican teracotta floors, white cabinets, and deep red slate counters? with stainless stove-fridge and fixtures.

Any comments?
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Thumbs up terracotta & white

Hi again! Sounds like you two have reached a great solution - either the natural slate or the red should work, and with the tile floor, wood ( I assume wood) cabinets, and stainless, you've got a really interesting texture thing going on! I'd really like to see a punch of a bright blue or yellow somewhere in this kitchen for some visual candy - maybe knobs or pulls - or just a vase or pretty plate or two would be fine! Also from a feng shui point of view, you've got a very balanced room elementally speaking: earth (tile) metal (slate and steel) water and fire (sink & stove obviously) and wood (cabinets) - I also do feng shui consulting if you're interested.
I've never had slate to maintain, but I suspect the stains and scratches just add character... (That's not tarnish, that's patina, right!) but I know it will dull a knife in a heartbeat.
Let me know how it works out and when we can come for supper!
Best regards, kva.
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Getting closer to that kitchen

Well, we had a whole second floor addition to figure out with the architech. Now we are back to the final kitchen.

Teracotta floor as always

butter-white wood cabinets (almost white)

Stainless appliances

Counter top: Fell in love with a red honed slate. Wow what an item. Also double the price 18k instead of 8k for the counter top only. So we are on a gren (sage like) or gray color. =Very Nice Indeed.! Thats where we are now.

Wall colors: Looking at a subdued yellow, not glow yellow and not pastel either. Kind of Oat - straw yellow. We test painted our old kitchen. It looks nice.

Two new questions:
1. Our Kitchen opens to a breakfest table area and cathederal ceiling. 2 stories of a "Wall of windows" by the table. with stairs going up on the other side of the table. How do you paint the kithcen yellow and the connecting breakfest room yellow and change the color at the top of the stairs. Does the upstairs hall way have to stay that yellow too? There is nowhere to "break" a color line. It all flows together.

2. How do you take a picture or scan something small enough to attach to this program?

I think thats it! Dinner wount be until Mid May. What do you think?
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Hi again! It's been a while!
sounds like ya'll are zipping right along... we had the same problem with a "break" line in our 2-story foyer. We just snapped a chalk-line at the regular ceiling height, and painted the two colors one above and one below. That required the installation of a border of some sort, we went with a molding strip. Wallpaper would have worked also. We were fortunate in that the upstairs was still white, so there wasn't any conflict about trying to find a coordinating color.

Sounds beautiful. What color is the upstairs? Yellow can be pretty neutral, esp. the wheaty tones... it can go cool or warm, so you prob. won't have to change things upstairs unless you want to...
School here is out the end of May... dinner sounds great!
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PS - sorry, can't help you with the photo issue... my daughter just got a digital cam for her birthday but I don't touch it... I consider myself pretty technically ignorant! If you wan't to post your email address then I can send you my email address and you can send the photo directly...kva
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