What colour/kind of flooring for kitchen and hall?


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What colour/kind of flooring for kitchen and hall?

Hi all! My DH and I are currently in the middle of renovating a little 2 BR bungalo.

We will have new Adel Birch cabinets from IKEA and I am thinking of painting the walls a very light apple green. All our accessories are stainless steele. The counter top we like is a grey/black/white granite looking thingy... heheh. Our appliances will either be Stainless Steele or White. Our dishes (Denby Juice) are apple green, blue and yellow with terra cotta rims and we love them. I picked glass cabinets for the dishes so we can see our sunny Denby dishes every day.

It is a galley kitchen, open to the dining room, then living room (around corner). There is currently stained cedar on the walls which we will likely paint. At the opposite end of the kitchen are two closets, a hall, then back door. The flooring will be down the hall as will the paint colour. I plan on painting the ceiling...



1) Do you think the light apple green will be a nice compliment to the granite counter and birch cabinets (and appliances etc.)?

2) What kind of flooring? Vinyl? Laminate? Hard wood? What kind of Vinyl - White? What kind/colour of wood/wood look - light like the birch?

Any advice you may have is totally appreciated. Give me a hammer and flat prying bar and I can knock down a wall, put me in front of a paint chip counter and I start to tick and shudder!

Be kind!
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I'll see if I can post some pictures...

These are before, or in the process of becoming after.
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Trying this again...

These are the closets, back to back, and the hallway.
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Ack... Why aren't my pics posting??

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Your pictures won't post because one bad apple spoiled it for everyone.
as to your questions
#1 counter is neutral, all colors go
#2 - definitely laminate if it is in your budget... vinyl is vinyl and hardwood just doesn't belong in your kitchen. You now must decide what is your focal point... if you want the dishes to really shine, match the flooring to the cabinets. All of it will recess into the background... want to tone down the "tropical" of all that green, go for a more stand out flooring color, a nice cherry will complement the green and terra cotta well.
Don't forget you can play up that terra cotta in a laminate as well. Not all laminates have the wood look, some come in tile look too. The benefit is much less expensive and soooo much nicer to your feet and back.
good luck and remember, it wasn't your spouse (or kids, or dog) that hit your thumb with the hammer!
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Thanks for your feedback and response.

Do you think the cherry will clash with the birch? It actually would match the cedar that we plan on painting...so much so that the birch would seem out of place. Oh, no. Now I am really confused!

I like the look and ease of a laminate flooring, but we don't exactly have a level surface to work with. This is an old home, and there is a bit of a dip from the kitchen part to the hall. Not sure if the laminate would tolerate this dip...
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Since these pictures aren't working it is hard for me to "visualize" everything...
first things first, there are levelling compunds you can use to ease the transitional dip and still be able to do the laminate, consult with a local flooring company. If you are doing the laminate install yourself you will need to research which product is best for your application. Once again, not being able to "see" makes things difficult.
as to the cherry, it depends on how light your birch is... will it contrast or clash. If you are questioning clash then don't do it... look for a laminate that looks like terra cotta tile, not to add yet another wrinkle but you may also want to consider cork flooring, the colors are a wider range, especially into the reds.
good luck
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