Room is too small


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Unhappy Room is too small

Well I live in a house with my mother and I have three kids. My wife hasn't work in awhile but now she has started to work. Soon we will have our own house. But in the meantime we all staying in a small room with a very small closet. I just want to know how do I make room for the five of us in the room. The oldest child is 3 years old and the youngest is 4 months.[B]
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Lightbulb Small room

Hi Ninja,

Perhaps you can pick some ideas at Ikea's site.

They are working with a very interesting concept: "Think cubic"

Hope this helps!!
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Wow, talk about cramped...
take a cue from the Navy and stack 'em three deep. They don't need to actually sit up in bed which is what usually dictates the height of a bunk bed. All you have to be sure of is that the top bunk (or hammock is what I am suggesting) doesn't hit the middle in the face when they turn over.
Put the littlest in a box type structure on the floor.. with a mattress of course. This one really is too little to be hitting their head by sitting up. Put number two at 2 foot high, in a hammock they won't fall out. Ever try to get out of one? You will physically have to get each child out of bed in the morning.
Go for safety on the highest level... make sure there are no sharp edges on the way down....... 3 yr. olds do have a way of making your heart leap.
Last but not least...
don't forget mom, not yours, although I am sure she would appreciate a kiss and a hug....
you and your wife need space, time and intimacy.
Staying with parents can be devastating to a marriage, especially since it is YOUR parent you're trying to live with. If fights arise... stick up for your wife when you reasonably can and once in a while when you just need to. Take her to a motel so you can "be friendly" without the younguns' looking on.
I have actually been through this and you might be surprised how romantic the backseat of a car can be if the timing is right.
This is one of the most stressful situations your family will ever be in.... be patient, be kind, count to 10 and do it again.
my best wishes to you, we made it... 20 years and counting, you can too.
good luck and remember, it wasn't your spouse (or kids, or dog) that hit your thumb with the hammer!
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