Textured ceilings


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Textured ceilings

I am about to texture my ceilings upstairs. I have a critical choice to make.

Should I copy the textured pattern for the downstairs portion of my house or can I use a different pattern?

Personally I would like to use a different pattern. Is it a fashion no no to have different patterns of texture for different areas of your home. The pattern I want is very modest. I just don't want to create a negative point for a buyer if/when I sell my home.

Is it a common, accepted or desired decorating practice to have different textures?
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Textured ceilings


It is very difficult give advice without a look. I mean, I don't know what textures are we talking about.

As a general advice I can say that there is not need to use the same texture, but you need to maintain the same decoration style.

Few weeks ago, I made a project. The main floor was decorated in a Classic Style, with wallpaper and textures in this style. The Upper floor has different wallpapers and textures, but all them are in a Classic Style.

However, if you are not sure about styles or colors matching together, the best thing to do is a 3D walk through view or a virtual tour. You can reproduce the textures, change patterns and colors and visualize how they will look at.

If you want to e-mail me photographs, I will be glad to give a more accurate advice.

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We are completely restoring a 1927 Tudor Style Home

There is alot of opportunity because my house is currently in it's raw state 80% of it is fresh unpainted drywall, due to be primed next week and soon 100% of the house will be fresh. My wife and I have been tossing around decorating ideas but we have not finalized anything. We will be completely furnishing this house from scratch, floor to ceiling including furniture.

So where ceiling textures are concerned I desire a modest light pattern that is flexible in effect thus allowing it to be harmonious with multiple decorating styles. The pattern on my ceiling downstairs was acheived by skimcoating the ceiling with drywall mud then stomping the ceiling with a stipple brush. The texture effect is similar to a crows foot but the brush is round not oval in shape. The texture is lightly coating the ceiling and it is in a well dispersed pattern not random.

Upstairs I am thinking about trying a light swirl texture in an asymetric u-shape. I found a neat foam roller developed by TexMaster tools that will allow me to acheive the texture very easily.

I will look for some sites that have illustrations of the texture I am referring to so I can show you.

Honestly, we are currently at the point in our project where we need to make decisions on colors and decorating style. We are in dire need of your help. Where is a good place to start to concider design themes for living spaces?
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Textured ceilings

I will be glad to help.

I think you can start choosing some colors, textures and styles


A visit to Home Depot is a great tool

A tip: put in the paper all the resources you have (colors, textures, and curtains) to avoid mistakes. Visit other Tudor Homes and take photographs.

If you want to send me photographs of you home, my e-mail is:

[email protected]

Let me know if you need more help
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