help with colors


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help with colors

I am so color blind when it comes to blending the things I like together. I have recently purchased items that I like for a re-decorating project in my kitchen. I have the following, but have no idea how to pull together, and what color to put on the walls.
Med Oak cabinets that I will be changing hardware to iron (rust).
Recently bought Cabinet Height, 8 chair (24" high), mahogany or cherry wood table. My breakfast nook is very large with 4 windows and glass sliding doors. 11 feet wide. I recently repainted hanging light to a rusty brown. I am thinking about making that area a different color to give it depth? I have no idea if that will look good or not. My floor is marbled light grays and taupe ceramic. counter top is neutral beige taupe, very light. I really want to get an old world, italian look, but I am very stumped. I have also purchased iron rods to hang over windows with leafy vine that I want to wrap around rods. Should I also incorporate a materal? I really want this kitchen to be warm, and inviting. It is where everyone gathers because it is large and open. I would appreciate any help. I also have open space between ceiling and cabinets. Have no idea what to put up there. Thank you so much.

onourown, thank you for the response
I'm looking for ideas on the color theme I should go in there.
I'm not really into sheer material on windows. I like a more natural material look. Couldn't go to floor, because in kitchen, would get dirty too easy. Afraid that if I go all brown and beige it will be too blah. Any other suggestions would be appreciated.
Thank you again.

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Sounds to me like you have a very good eye for selecting individual pieces that will complement each other! You say nothing about the color of your walls...this and the accessories that you put on them and above the cabinets will be the place to pull it all together. There is a great parchment looking (aged look) wall paper that you might want to consider. They make many varieties to use with the old world/tuscan theme that are great. You already have the foundation for a brown to rust brown theme with your floor, countertop (even though it is light), light and your table. The wallpaper would have varying degrees of beige to brown to bring the color around your room and give that warm old world, aged look. The rods would look stunning using a sheer beige and a sheer dark brown alternately and puddled in rich heaps on the outside edges of the doors and windows. Above the cabinets look for both iron and rust items with some vine accessories, but don't forget the antiqued gold. I'm thinking a nice rust colored metal basket filled with beaded fruit and vines?! Also, large tiles incorporating your colors set on plate or picture stands would look fabulous. A nice round oak or mahogany/cherry clock would be another item to place above the cabinets. Remember the old adage, buy only what you absolutely love, and it will be perfect! Don't kid yourself, you have a great eye!
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i vote for strong color on your walls! you've got very neutral tones everywhere right now. what you need is a punch of color! generally, there aren't too many big wall areas in kitchens & breakfast nooks - it's all cabinets & windows & doorways, so don't be afraid to go bold with the wall color/treatment. and without seeing it, i would vote for NOT painting the nook a different color than the rest of the kitchen. as a rule, i feel it looks too choppy and not unified. you have a lot of options, so i can't really recommend one specific color, but i can see using terra cotta, verdi gris (green), even a navy blue would work. once you decide on a color (which should flow with the rest of the colors in your house - especially the adjoining rooms) it's a matter of picking the "treatment". i'm sure you don't want to simply paint a solid, flat color on the walls. i'm very fond of the "Italian plaster" look, or a marbled look. anything with depth and interest. sometimes it's easier to just pick a wallpaper that has that look. for warmth, think about a rich rug for under your table. it will really warm up the tile and give that space definition and importance. i would do that first, then find a fabric for the windows (fabric is easier to find than rugs!). i agree with you that you do NOT want fabric puddled on your kitchen floor! that's a great look for a living room, but too formal & impractical for a breakfast nook with a tiled floor. if you've got iron drapery rods, you won't want to cover them up, so think about tab-tops or curtains with ties at the top. a popular trend right now seems to be using 2 or more fabrics for drapes, seamed together horizontally either a 1/3 of the way down from the top, or 1/3 up from the bottom. it's a great look & a fun way to use several fabrics/patterns.

since you've got such a neutral base to work with, and seemingly endless options, my "Big Picture" advice is this: find inspiration somewhere. find either a rug you love, or a wallpaper or something with a pattern. then work from there, pulling out colors you love. if you know you don't want a pattern on the walls, then start with fabric or a rug, and vice versa. you're confused now because you have nothing to work with. so find that one thing you love and go from there. you'll be amazed at how everything will just fall into place and how fun it will be!

good luck!

P.S. don't go back and edit your first post. post a Reply so we'll be notified that there's an addition to the thread!!! and it will keep the conversation in order! thanks!
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Thank you for the great advise. You are so right! Now I know why I'm at such a loss. Nothing there to pull from. I have been looking for a rug, and now that you have advised me to get something rich, this narrows it down for me. I have been learning a little from the internet about decorating, but I am so unsure about myself that I hesitate on purchases. Just need a boost from someone with experience. I have always enjoyed the warm look of color washing with 2 colors, and this is what I have been picturing in there. Just confused about what color to go with because it sooooo neutral in there. Thank you so much for the LIFT!! Now I am excited to get going.

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See the reply I sent to Boat's post. I used my neutral colors first, using the same color way that I used for all my neutral areas. My theme is Americana. My kitchen looks like a Cracker Barrell restuarant with all kinds of old kitchen and farm implements hung up. The good news is that wood is neutral and looks good with other woods. I matched my cabinet stain to my pergo floor. The paint store can do that for you if it is too daunting. I love color and lots of it. I found a wallpaper book that had several different styles of papers and borders in the same color way. I have a fruit paper, a fruit border, a plaid paper and another paper with a small almost flower like design as well as a sunflower border. These are all from the same color way in the collection so they all go together and a pro did it. It will look good! You may not want to hang a lot of paper, but anyone can hang border! Anyway, I had so many lovely primary colors in the paper that anything else I put in there looks good. It has a very French Country effect in spite of all my Americana. On my walls, I have feed sacks, rub boards, pants stretchers, some pictures, a collection of old yard sticks, and stuff! I also have a plate shelf running around most of the area with stuff sitting up there, and yes, hanging off! On top of my cabinets, I have silk plants and flowers. The good news is that if you have good taste and if you use things you like, with only a little bit of decorating knowledge and a good dose of nerve, you will have a wonderful kitchen. Also, I used the one-stroke paint method with some paint for tiles that you paint and bake before they are installed. (One stroke has since developed a paint that doesn't have to be fired.) I painted a sunflower mural over my cooktop and a strawberry patch over my sink. It ties all my my fruits and flowers together. Have fun! Hope some of this has helped.
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