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Help with WINDOW ROOM, please?

We are in the process of building a nice (not elaborate) kind of country home with a very nice view (framing will be finished this week). My problem is "finishing" the living/family room. My hard to finish room has a wall of glass, 19 feet high. No window treatments, as it is on a bluff, overlooking a valley and such. All that is okay....however 2 other walls on the side are 14 feet high, and the opposite wall of the windows has a loft (which can look out at the view). The room actually measures 22' X 19'.
I'm trying to avoid a "top heavy" room which is cozy.
Now ~ my dilemma.
1. Do I trim the windows in wood, or not? We will have a lot of stained wood/doors in the home and a railing of wood on the opposit wall (loft)
2. How do I paint the ceiling? ( NOT WHITE! No white in my house, please.) Should I paint it darker then the walls? Will that darken the room too much??? The glass is on the NORTH side, so we never have direct light. It's really nice natural lighting.
3. I would love to use "green", mossy/warm greens in the space. Or would other "earthy" colors work better?
4. What about artificial lighting? An entertainment center will be on one wall ~ how far up? A 2 sided fireplace is on the other wall, with doorways on both sides leading to dining room.

If anyone has any ideas, I'M OPEN...or knows of resources, I would appreciate it! I want this room to feel cozy, even though we have such an expanse of glass....AND I want to do it only once....;-)

Thanking you in advance!
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thanks for your questions! sounds like it's going to be a GREAT house with an absolutely BREATH-TAKING view!!! now i'll try to answer your questions:

1. i would treat these windows the same as the other windows in your house. are they all trimmed or not? for the warmest, richest look, trim them in wood stained to match your doors & other trim. it will also balance out the wood railing on the opposite wall.

2. to warm up the room and visually "lower" your ceiling a bit, paint it darker than your walls. that doesn't necessarily mean a "dark" color. you can just use the same color as your walls but go a few shades darker. it will be a subtle effect. that way you won't be "darkening" your room, but it will seem warmer & cozier than a white ceiling.

3. green is technically a "cool" color, but if you use mossy greens (sage, olive) in combination with warm colors such as brick reds, chestnuts, golds, earthy colors, browns, etc. (think "Fall" colors) you'll achieve the warm look you're wanting. (greens go with everything) and those natural colors will be perfect with the ever-changing view you'll have out that huge window!

4. i'm not sure i understand your lighting question. you said "how far up". do you mean the height of the entertainment center? or how high for a wall sconce? or what?

i would do several strategically placed recessed lights in the ceiling for aiming at focal points (fireplace, entertainment center, artwork, etc) and then have the usual floor and table lamps where needed. your local specialty lighting store would probably have a designer that would come to your home to see your specific lighting needs.

if you have any other questions, just ask!
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Thanks so much for your input! We are new to the community, so I don't have anyone to "bounce" ideas!!!! Green is the color I have used for years ~ I just can't get away from it...I used it when it wasn't "stylish" ~ just because I love it and how it makes me feel.
As for other colors, yes, I was planning on using golds and reds.
We WANT to trim the glass in wood same as the doorways and loft...I just wasn't sure if that would be too much. The built in entertainment center will be wood, also (I am staying away from painted woodwork, doors, etc., as I don't want to be repainting all the time!) I am planning on painting the inside/back of the open shelving, as not to make it so heavy.

Another question: The wall the entertainment center will be on is 14 feet high. Should I make the center a little taller then the norm? or would the standard 6 ft "look" tall enough. The fireplace will be opposite the enterainment center.

Thanks again!
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green is always's just the versions of it that come in & out! i grew up with the much-hated avacado greens and golds. i couldn't wait to have my own place and do blue & mauve (cringe), but changed my mind at the last minute and did hunter green, burgundy & navy. now i'm sick to death of those colors and have redone my house in - you guessed it - olive green & gold & brick red!!! my mother hasn't stopped laughing yet!!! go with what you love. i'm not a blue person, and had i gone that blue-and-mauve route (because it was "in") i would've gotten tired of it VERY quickly!

plus, for such a nature-setting as you've got, i think those earthy, natural colors will seem "right" in your house. think of that huge wall of windows as a bigger-than-life painting that you're working around (although the colors will be ever-changing!) imagine how out-of-place black & white would be, or purples or even blue & mauve! all your greens & golds & reds, and stained woods will be very calming and warm. painted trim wouldn't look right, unless you were doing a really old, antique look with dark colors, which you're not! the more wood trim, the better, i say!

will you be using the wall color for painting the inside of the entertainment center shelving? or an accent color?

i don't think a 6-foot tall entertainment center is tall enough for 14-foot high walls. the big ones you can buy are 7-feet, aren't they? i'd go at least 7, and then put something fairly tall on top of it (floral arrangement, stacked baskets, sculpture, etc), to really draw your eye up and play up the height.

how high up does the fireplace go? is it wood paneled or stone or what? maybe you should balance it with the e-center's height.
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Thanks Annette...I'm feeling more "able" to do this room, already!

Blue, huh? I tried that once...didn't last long! lol The first room I decorated was when I was 12. Green walls, pink rose curtains and canopy....geez, I'm getting chills thinking of that room. It was least I thought it was ~ I had a terrific mom who encouraged my creativity and let me go.

Okay ~ I'm in favor of building the entertainment center taller. Can one "see" items clearly on top of a 7 foot center? I haven't decided what color to paint the back of the center. I think I will wait and decide closer to paint time. As for the fireplace on the opposite wall ~ it will be stacked stone. I have not decided whether or not to make it all stone (19 feet) or not. I was thinking of stopping the stone to about the same height of the center ~ then have a molding/mantel with lighting behind it.....not quite sure yet.

I like your idea ~ I am going to take pictures of what we have so far, and visit a lighting center in LIttle Rock (ar). We don't have a lighting store in town (I'm in a rural community) ~ so I will have to go to

Thanks again! my confidence is growing!
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Little Rock, huh? wow - you're only 4 or 5 hours away!! what beautiful country we're in, huh?! your house is going to have an unbelievable view - i'm sooo jealous!!! and, even though you had the DREAM pink & kelly green bedroom i always wanted when i was 12 - but never had - i guess i'll still go ahead and help you with your project anyway!!! ha!

a 7-foot high entertainment center sounds high, but the highest interior shelf will only be at the 6-foot level, and you'll easily be able to see things at that height. maybe not teeny-tiny miniature collectibles! but books and "stuff" will be just fine. believe me, you need the height for that room.

and i'm not sure you won't decide to leave the inside of the e-center stained. you might need the visual weight to balance out the stacked stone fireplace (geez - stacked stone fireplace - you're killing me!!!)! although, a painted interior would show off the displayed items better.....hmm - that's a tough call at this stage - you'll be better able to decide that one later.

sounds like you're off to a great start!
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