Trim coordination b/w rooms


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Trim coordination b/w rooms

Hi there. I am getting ready paint to adjoining rooms two different colors. The two rooms are separated by an opening without an actual door. The opening is approximately 5 feet wide and 6 inches deep.

One room is going to be gold in color. The other will be green. The opening b/w the rooms most likely would be white (not stuck on the white, though).

My question is this: How do I connect and coordinate the paint and/or color of the two rooms' trims at the opening, assuming each room has its own trim color? I do not want to use the same color trim in the two rooms, and the joining point occurs across the opening, which (most likely) will have white on the "walls".

As of now, one piece of trim leading to the opening would be gold, another leading to the opening would be green, and the opening would be white. Sounds ugly, although I have not done it yet.

The room with gold paint will have a brown floor tile, and the room with green paint would have carpeting.

Thank you in advance for any advice!
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As for the technical aspect of this, use tape or a level and pencil to draw a line, and free hand it.

As for the decorating aspect, I will hand this question over to those who know.
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rooms should coordinate

The room colors should complement each other, especially with such a wide opening. Its best if a color used in one room is also used in the other. eg) A couch or chair (or even throw pillows) in room one should have the same color as the walls in room b. This ties the two rooms together.

Now for the dividing trim. My first choice would be stained trim - stained woodwork goes with everything. However, not everyone shares my entusiasm for stained trim. I have a neighbor that is absolutely aghast that anyone would want stained woodwork.
Anyway, is painted trim is a given, just pick the color of one room to paint the full 6" width of the opening. If you follow the guidelines in the first paragraph, this will look really good. Otherwise, nothing will look right. BTW - my preference would be the lighter of the two colors, but decorators may disagree.

One more thing - how are you dividing the flooring? Let the flooring guide the painting of the dividing width.
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i had a similar situation in our first house. however, i had painted white woodwork/trim all throughout the house, so i kept the "walls" of the opening white and considered it "trim". the two rooms were wallpapered in two different papers and it looked great.

your situation is different because you want, not only different colored walls in the 2 rooms, but you want the woodwork to be different, also. at this point, i need more information. what exactly IS the trim going to be in each room? are you merely painting the trim green in the green room, and gold in the gold room??? and what's the trim in the rest of the house?

my standard response to this type of situation is that you really need to treat most, if not all, of the woodwork in your house the same, to create flow and to unify the different colored rooms. surely there is some color that you could use for the trim in BOTH

but i didn't ask for anyone's opinion on the trim color, you asked how you should handle the area where the 2 colors meet. and to that end, i would recommend that you change colors at a corner. doesn't matter which one, but you certainly don't want to divide your opening exactly in half (even if you DO change flooring at the mid-way point). it would just look goofy! (and you'd probably never get a perfectly straight line anyway). so decide whether you want the opening to be green or gold, and paint accordingly all the way down to the baseboard.

P.S. .......but PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE consider painting all the trim the SAME!!!!!
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