Need kitchen color ideas

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Need kitchen color ideas

I am going to be painting my kitchen walls and cabinets. I will eventually replace the flooring and the countertop, stove and oven but for now I need a new updated look.
I am at a loss as to what color scheme to go with. My fridge and dishwasher are almond and my stove (in wall) and stovetop (on counter) are 70's green....(I know, I know). They are also located at opposite ends of the kitchen from each other. These will eventually be replaced.....
But for now I need to come up with some sort of color to brighten up this dreadful kitchen.
The cabinets are extremely dark and I want to paint them.
My floor is tiled with a light gray background with slightly darker gray/blueish lines.
The rest of my house is beige/white/cream/light gray/navy blue.
All of my wood trim is painted white.
I would like possibly to paint the actual cabinets a lighter color and then the doors a darker color to perhaps match one or two walls in the kitchen.
I need something that will not fight with the almond and the green of the appliances.
The kitchen is fairly large and open, with alot of cabinets so I have room to play with a few different colors if I chose to without it seeming too busy or closed in. I don't have alot of light though as the kitchen is in the middle of the house without any windows.
From the kitchen you can see into my family room that is painted a light clean gray with again, the white trim on all the wood.
I prefer no greens, but am open to all other opinions.
The ceiling is also painted white.
I also have 3 doors in my kitchen (closet, garage, pantry) that are all dark as well and will consider painting them too.
I am not very good at seeing "in my minds eye" how certain colors will go together. I do know that I am up to trying something a little more drastic than I have in the past. I want to stay with more cool colors VS warm tones, so nothing orange/red or yellow based.
Any thoughts, ideas, suggestions?
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if the family room was a cool gray, almost blue, i'd say a very subtle sea foamy green. very pastel, very modern look together. but honestly, i still say that green. if you have a reluctance to paint it green, really study some of the pantone greens they have out there. i find it hard to believe that there wouldnt be one of them that wouldnt interest you.
but if green absolutely isnt your thing, maybe plain white and incorperating some accent colors into the cabinets instead. you dont have to go warm, since the family room is a nuetral gray, you can remain cool in tone in the kitchen. but since almond (the color of your stove and stovetop) is already warm in nature, you might want to find a color that matches those.
keep the moldings white though, they act as good accents and stabalize the room, so might leaving a few walls, in the same room, white. thats what i did.

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