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If you are painting a room 2 shades, which shade ( darker or lighter) should go on top to prevent the room from looking smaller ?

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VERY generally speaking, to avoid a "top heavy" look, use a lighter color on top, & a darker one on bottom.

HOWEVER, it's really not that simple. the thing that will make the room look smaller is the CONTRAST that's in the room. by chopping all the walls into 2 parts, as you're doing, it will instantly make the seem squattier because you're accentuating a horizontal line/band of color around the room. instead of drawing the eye up & down, your eye will be going side to side.

also, painting the walls a different color than the ceiling will make the room seem squattier than if the ceiling is the same color as the walls.

and using 2 completely different colors top & bottom (for example, pale yellow on top, blue on bottom) will be more contrasting than if you used 2 shades of the same color (for ex: light blue on top, darker blue on bottom).

also, cool colors recede and give the room an airier appearance, whereas warm colors advance & seem cozy.

but, depending on the room, it's function, the amount of light it gets & the atmosphere you're trying to create, bigger may not always be better, and it shouldn't ever be your main goal.

also, take into consideration your furnishings when deciding. for example, if you've got a sofa you're putting up against the wall, will it look best up against the darker color or the lighter color? same with pictures you'll be hanging - which color are they best up against? which color is best down next to your flooring?

i've done lots of rooms using the darker color on top. it's "okay" to do. just make sure you're deciding which color to use where for a good reason.

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