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Lightbulb whole home advice color work etc


Hi im looking for some advice we are about to move into a new home we are wanting to create an open space look like what you see in catalogues yet we have gone for warm in the hall

bathroom we have gone for a very light blue walls im unsure if this would work we have sky blue and white towels but im hoping it won't be to cold? the toilet roll holder towel holder etc is all in chrome do you think this would work?

bedroom we have gone for lilac walls with a border do you think i should have all the wall lilac with a border or maybe put white at the top and lilac on the bottom our blind is white the furniture is antique pine im also very unsure what flooring would work well in this room wood flooring pine? or a white carpet?

bedroom number two won't be done for a while but will be yellow (winnie the pooh) with beach flooring the cot etc is all dark beech

hall is going to be a light cream on top the colour is called nude glow the bottom is going to be a terracotta type colour natural paprika
the border is cream with terracotta and also has added gold the flooring like an antique pine type do you think this works? the effect for the hall is ment to be warm leading off into the kitchen

kitchen is toffee cream i wanted a light colour as the kitchen is at the back of the house and don't get much light the kettle etc is in stainless steel the worktops are in a light colour with a kind of marble effect with light wood on the edges do you think it will work? im hoping the nude glow will lead off to the toffee cream in the kitchen

my main room this room means the most to me i want to create an open space clean fresh and gorgeous yet its the room im at a loose end with

my first thought was wallpaper blue and ivory ivory leather sofa and silver and glass furniture then i thought no im not keen on the wallpaper the look is abit out now im looking for an update look

ive looked through catalogues and seen the main colours used at the moment seem to be light creams,ivory,taupe,tan and chocolate

i don't like chocolate not keen on chocolate sofas and hate chocolate walls

tan and taupe im not keen

creams i like but got two

goes back to my main colour ivory i love it its bright and fresh but now that's a problem

i wanted and ivory leather sofa it wouldn't go well with ivory walls i need another colour in

ive got the choice of to colour sofas we like to work with ivory or black leather

we have picked to colour wood floors we like beech but it looks more like a darker pine i thought beech was ment to be very light? our other colour was maple which is very light

our furniture is silver frames and glass tops and shelf's

if we go for the ivory sofa we would have to have a darker wall colour i was looking at caramel but again not keen ive looked up online and greens and blues are coming up im not a green fan really which leaves blues i love blue but i want it to work so it depends on the shade of blue for the walls im lost it would be ivory sofa blue walls ivory curtains and maple flooring cold ?


ivory walls ,black leather sofas, beech flooring,curtains? havant a clue bring in a 3rd colour?

im realy lost any ideas on this would be great i love this icon it feels like me lol

thank you for reading such a long post it must of bored you but your help would be just great thank you

love Emilie
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first off, let me ask you this: are you wanting to do all this painting/decorating before you move in?
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yes im hoping to get it all done and flooring down before moving in not doing my daughters room until we are in the place as one shes only 12 wks old and she will stay in with us till shes older around 6 -7 months two its in the worse state the rest of the place is ok but that room is bad
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it seems to me like you're picking colors out of nowhere. have you read the Stickie How to Choose Paint Colors 101 ?

light blue, lilac, white, cream, terra cotta/paprika, gold, toffee cream, beech flooring, antique pine flooring, stainless steel, and black or ivory leather......

it doesn't seem to me like any of that goes together ~ where are you getting these colors from? you've got very crisp, cool, light combinations in some areas, and very warm, earthy tones in another. nothing works together to create a nice flow of style. then you start talking about what's "in style" but you don't even LIKE those colors, so that's completely irrelevant. choose colors that YOU like, that reflect who YOU are and that will be unique to you. then you will never tire of them, and you won't have to change them next year when the "new" colors come out.

read the Stickie. find something that you can use for inspiration and build outward from that. decide on a style and go with it. it doesn't mean every room has to be the same color & style, but it should flow from room to room. [unless you like every room of your house to be a different color & style, which some people like, and that's fine if that's what you like.]

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