Painting a Room using two colours!

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Post Painting a Room using two colours!

Hi, I have a nice square study that I wish to paint, I have the colours already and was planning on doing two walls one colour and the other two another.

They are both nice earthy colours but I just wondered, should I use the darker colour on the wall opposite the window which get masses of light and the lighter one on the walls that don't get so much light?

Also is it better to do adjascent walls or adjoining the same colour! Help!!!
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do you mean adjacent versus opposite? (adjacent and adjoining both mean neighboring)

regardless, why are you wanting to chop the room up by painting half of it one color and the other half another color?

HALF is a nasty word in the decorating world. so is EVEN. it's always better/more interesting to do things in odd numbers or in thirds or fourths.

and don't forget that there are 6 sides to a room - the 4 walls plus the ceiling & the floor. you don't want any room to be too choppy with too many colors. when you do that, like by painting 2 walls beige and 2 walls cream, the floor is one color, the ceiling another - there's no focus. it's too many different colors and your eye won't know where to go.

if you must use 2 different paint colors, only paint one accent wall a different color. to decide which wall, have a REASON for doing it. maybe it's to provide a better backdrop for the draperies, so accent the window wall. or maybe it's for a contrasting color behind the sofa to show it off better. decide where you truly NEED to use a different color. for another example, if you've got really high ceilings, you might want to do one color from the floor up to the 8-foot level, and then do another color above that, to visually bring the ceiling down & cozy up the room.
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Red face good info

Thanks for writing this- it helped me even though i didn't post the question.
i too was thinking of doing two adjacent walls as the room's really long (25') and I thought walking into the room from the hall would be nice to see the wall facing me one color and then upon leaving the room (or coming in the front door) one would see a different color. I planned to use a darker shade of the same color ...The floor's just hardwood- reddish oak, low ceilings of white. However, I need one end for "work" stuff and the other for the actual living room/tv~ so since splitting it down the middle wouldn't work (no designated wall end point) I was going to do that to create some interest... and change of mood.
I'll need to rethink this now... There is nothing else in the room that will grab the eye- it's a rectangle with 4 square windows and a front door in the middle of the long wall.
I'd asked you previously about looping a silky curtain on one side to help separate the two areas but you discouraged that stating after knocking down a wall- why put up another barrier- try a screen or plant... I now think I'll leave it OPEN as I found a big piece of furniture (need the storage) to use to kind of block one side a bit.
Still no paint/couch or rug yet...that's why I'm waiting...

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