advice on a theme

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advice on a theme

Well, once I get out of the current house contract I'm stuck in (probate, ick!) I'll be putting in a contract on one of the newer houses built in my area. So, I can't give you exact room specifics yet, but I can tell you all of these houses are open plan and everything in them is standard "builders white" with "builders beige" carpet and linoleum in the kitchens.

I've always wanted to decorate a house as if it were an old castle, but more... fantasy? Like I don't want a house full of antiques and such as I find that way too formal and I am not a formal person. Besides that, the dogs would probably break them within seconds I'd prefer more of a feel... like if you were to walk in my front door you'd feel like you were walking into Medieval Times or a Renaissance Faire and you'd expect to see people in full garb jousting in the backyard. I want fun and comfortable. I want someone I've just met to feel like they can come in, kick their shoes off and plop on my couch. But at the same time, I don't want it to look tacky as h*** - like I just blew my entire paycheck at the pyramid catalog (I like some of their stuff, but other pieces are just cheezy looking). All the rooms I've found with an "old world" style are either too formal or gaudy, so I really have no ideas how I am going to accomplish this.

Any thoughts on which direction I should be headed? I know the first thing I need to do is buy a couch and I am not attached to any of my furniture, so if it doesn't match the final decor, I have no problems with freecycling it and getting/making new stuff.

Thanks for the help!
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unless the outside of your house (the building style) and the setting of the house (neighborhood, lot, landscape) go with that sort of theme, i'm afraid it will, in fact, just be tacky/odd. it just sounds too "out there" to me. but if YOU are truly that into the idea, go for it. it's too wacky for me to even be able to help you with, but it sounds like you know exactly what you want. just keep visualizing it & make it happen. and invest in a lot of faux painting books!

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