New townhouse living room... ugh (pictures included)

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Cool New townhouse living room... ugh (pictures included)

I'm a 21 year old guy buying my first house (townhouse actually) at the end of this month and I seriously need some help decorating the downstairs. The house has such a long and narrow living room (12ft x 22ft) – see my pictures below – with an oddly placed fire place at the end. I’m giving away most of my furniture (the little that I had) so that I can start off fresh with new stuff when it comes time.

Let me try to show you the space using pictures…

- Front of the townhouse, mine is the end unit. It has three windows in the living room as you can see in the picture. The insert that extrudes from the exterior wall on the left next to the street is where the fireplace pokes out. You can also see a bay window that goes out near the dining room on the same exterior wall.

- This is the corner of the living room where the fire place is located. You can see it is located next to the wall so it’s in a very weird spot.

- As you face the fireplace and turn right, you can see the dining room with sliding glass door and bay window. This room is about 12ft x 16ft.

- Then if you turn right again at the dining room, you see the kitchen.

- I created a layout that is definitely NOT TO SCALE… but it gives you a better layout.

The theme that I have always wanted to do for my living room is British West Indies with a mix of contemporary I guess is how you would say it… Here are some example rooms that I really like the design of:

I really like the brown leather looking couches I see in some of the pictures above.
Now, I have no idea how to layout furniture in this space…. Not a clue. It’s so long and narrow with a oddly placed fireplace that I don’t even know where to put the TV (most likely a flat screen, wall mounted). Does anyone hand any idea of how to arrange furniture in this place? I would be extremely grateful for any ideas from paint colors to furniture to accessories…. Anything! Thanks in advance for all your help!
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congrats on the new place!

it sounds to me like you've got a pretty good handle on what style & color(s) you want to use, so i won't even go there. keep collecting pictures & refer to them often while shopping. alot of what you end up with will be based on what's available to you in your local stores & what you can afford. just buy a piece at a time & keep building. don't think you'll be able to go out & get everything all at once & be "done". you're NEVER done decorating.

as for the furniture arrangement, since the space is so long and you don't have a formal entryway, i'd use some of that extra room & create a formal entry. i'd float a loveseat out in the room perpendicular to those 3 front windows, facing the fireplace wall. the back of the sofa will serve as a sort of room divider, defining a foyer space. so as you enter from the front door, the back of the loveseat will be directly on your left & you'll walk forward and then turn left at the end of it to get into the LR. but don't just leave the ugly back of the sofa to greet your guests - put a sofa table behind it & accessorize it. and then put a hall tree or some other piece to the right and/or on the wall directly in front of the door. treat that entry as if it had 4 walls.

as for the LR space, you could then put a sofa perpendicular to the loveseat, facing the windows and create an "L" for a nice grouping. then, if there's room, put a chair or two opposite the sofa, right in front of the windows, slightly angled toward the fireplace.

you'd want an end table on one end of the loveseat, and one in between the chairs (if you use 2) and maybe a floor lamp on the end of the loveseat where there isn't an end table, and a coffee table in front of everything. position the seating pieces first & see if your coffee table needs to be square or rectangular or round to best serve the grouping. or, with 2 end tables, you may have enough table surfaces for drinks and might want an ottoman instead. obviously there are many combinations of tables/lamps/ottomans you can go with here.

i would seriously look into a flat wall-mounted tv to put above the fireplace. that way the tv & fireplace can simply share the focal point. obviously the way you've got your tv unit wedged into that corner now isn't working. you need to let the corner breathe & not look like the fireplace is being shoved aside.

which leaves the long solid expanse of wall between the fireplace & the dining room (sort of a "hallway" space). this wall would be good for either a large art wall/photo grouping or you could line up 2 or 3 bookcases there. depending on the width in that "hallway", you might be able to fit a desk there for a work area.

it wouldn't be a bad idea for you to tape together sections of newspaper into the size of these furniture pieces & lay them out to see how it all fits. you can easily move them around, too.

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