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I need help in redoing a formal living room into a very used family room. This room was a very formal room and now must become a family room. I am having a hard time giving up this nice space and deciding on a new roon design. The room is 16 by 16 with a fireplace and a window on the north wall and a 100"by50" window on the east wall. There are two doorways, one on the south wall by the west corner and another on the west wall by the south corner. I have light blue carpeting that has to stay. I would like to add a big screen TV as well. ANY ideas for color and furniture as well as furniture placement is really needed. I have about a $1,000 budget to work with. Thanks for any ideas you may have to solve my problem.
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furniture placement

You didn't say what furniture you have on hand that might be able to be used in your new design. Where exactly is your fireplace and window on the north side? I am guessing that the window on the east side is centered on that wall. I will think about your problem while I wait for your reply.
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Gini, you are correct about the east window, it is centered. The fireplace is centered on the north wall and the window on that wall is west of the fireplace. It is 32" wide and 50" tall. The fireplace is 60" wide. I have two love seats, one sofa and an occasional chair. Two endtables and a coffe table that are oak, and two table lamps and one floor lamp. I would like to get a modular unit later. Thanks for your help. Sharon
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Boy, you have a lot of pieces in that small room!
The best way to start is to clear the room of everything.
This way you can see the room with new eyes. Nothing to clutter your mind with. Now you can start putting pieces back in the room one at a time, starting with your favorite ones.
Leave everything else out once you have a design you are happy with.
A different way or in combination with the above is to make a graph of your room, including all aspects of the room;ie:
windows, fireplace, outlets. Besure to measure exactly where they are located and place it that way on the graph. Once you have done that measure out every piece you have being as exact as you can. An example would be if your sofa is 8' long and 3' wide (or close to that), make a rectangle to that size according to your graph.
Some questions to ask yourself. 1. How is the room going to be used? ie: games, reading, T.V., ect...
2. How many people are going to use it and what are their ages?
Now, for some ideas to try! I came up with five possible placements, you might come up with some more.
Remember, you don't have to use all your pieces unless you don't have any place else to store them. Some of my designs considered this. No more room, I'll send another. Gini

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Hi again, now for the list of ideas.
1.You can place all your pieces in your room and get a feel of what it would be like to have a modular unit before you spend the $. Place all your sofas near the fireplace with the largest one facing the fire and the love seats facing each other. They should have their arms touching at each corner.Place the coffee table in the center of all three.Place the side tables at the corners of the sofas, this completes this area of the room. Now for the occasional chair.Place this in the far corner of the room (S.E.). The chair should be angled so that one arm should touch each wall.Put the floor lamp behind this chair 2.Place the sofa and coffee table the same as above, but put the love seats angled and facing the sofa in each corner, one on the N.W. wall and one on the N.E..Put the side tables behind the love seats.Leave the chair as above.3.Place the sofa agaist the E. window.Place the love seats on the W. wall at angles w/a side table between them.Put the other side table next to the sofa on the N. side.Place the fl.lamp on the S. side of the sofa.Put the coffee table in front of the sofa.4.Place a love seat agaist the W. wall w/a side table on the S. side.Place the other one facing the fire and ctr. the coffee table is in front of this sofa. Put the other side table on the E. side. The chair is placed in the corner of the N.E. wall.

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5.Place the love seats at angles in front of the fireplace w/or w/out the coffee table in front of them. Put a side table on the N.E. wall and one angled between the sofas. Put the chair angled in the corner on the S.E. side. w/the fl.lamp.
Now that you have some ideas for placement some things you can do to make it more casual. 1.Cover the sofas and chair w/a throw or slipcover to change the look.2.Add lots of plants in the corners of the room where it appears empty, the windows should have lots of plants near them.3.Re-paint the room to give it a fresh look. There are lots of techniques you can use out there.4.New pieces you may want to consider are sofa tables and a hutch or bookcases. But not if you use all of what you have now, it will be to much. None of the changes will cost very much and you should be able to do it on your budget. Just do your research to get the best prices.
Good luck, Gini

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