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I live in a manufactured house, Im remodling the second bathroom. I removed the wallpaper that was put on the drywall, then the drywall was hung. the joints betweem the two pieces of drywall,were pieces of wood covered with wallpaper. I removed the wallpaper and joined the seems. The walls are now bowed, where i joined them and the seem tape is still showing after two coats of joint compound. The walls are real rough from peeling the wallpaper off. I don't know what to do.

Thank You
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fixing the walls

maybe try using a drywall sander to get the wall texture a little smoother. the drywall sander looks like a rough are going to have to try again with the drywall compound and a wide spackle knife and skim the drywall compound over the walls to smooth out the texture AND fill in those valleys. if the walls still don't look smooth enough yet, you are going to have to texture them. But your walls are going to have to be pretty good and flat before that. the texture won't hide anything major. texture guns can be manual or electric. manual ones are around $35 -50, electric maybe 75 and up. i used a manual one and it is a good workout for the arms and shoulders. I just did a bathroom and that's about all I'd recommend for a manual retexture. and post this over in painting. those guys will tell you the right thing for sure.

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Jacque, I don't think they mean the wallpaper to come off that drywall, it seems to be rather an integral part of the drywall like normal drywall paper covering. This is probably why it is so rough. Kind of late now, but what what I did when I lived in a single-wide, was to just leave the wallpaper up (it was stuck tight), tape and mud the joints, prime it with an oil based primer, then paint away. You could not tell the joints had ever been there. It looked just like any regular room (i.e. not manufactured housing. A couple of options you have now, neither one ofwhich you're going to like: skim coat everything you have taken the paper off of: or put another layer of 3/8" drywall on top of what is already there and tape and mud *that*. Any way you look at it it's a lot of work (been there, done that!)

Good luck, hope you find a solution.
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Do not run a screen over drywall unless thier is mud on it as it will make it worse.

Redo the seams however use an 8" and then a 10" to each side. Sand lightly between coats to break off the ridges. The futher out the joint is feathered the more it will blend to a point it will be unnoticable. The other areas will have to be skimmed with joint compound. Use a 6 inch knife to apply the compound and then run the 10" knife over it..Don't worry about the trowel marks. Leave them and you can do a quick sand after it has dried. If it is in really bad condition then you might consider hiring a pro apply the mud and then you can pick up the project for the finish......
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