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I am trying to apply a faux finish to an exisitng painted surface. I am trying to achieve an old-world look. My walls are currently done in a deep mustard yellow color which is nice, but not interesting. The trouble is, the walls are painted in a FLAT finish. All of the techniques I have researched recommend using an eggshell, pearl or semi gloss surface. Is there any way around this, short of repainting the entire room? Is there some type of sealer I can use so that the glazes will flow easier over the surface instead of soaking in? I would'nt mind sealing, but I really don't want to entirely re-paint. Thanks for your help!!
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Faux Finishing

In my experience I have not found that flat paint is any more difficult to work with than the others. Although, the eggshell and satin tend to look richer when finished.

I would suggest using faux glaze. Behr makes a good one - or to save money you could even use Floetrol. Both are sold at Home Depot in the Paint department. You will also need some paint in the Umber color family (to achieve the Old World look).

If you have paint left over that matches that existing color -- make a sample board for practicing. You will want to mix the Faux Glaze with the umber color paint. Mixing ratio will depend on the overall look you want. I always start out with 3:1 glaze to paint. You can always add more paint if you need to. If you just want to roll the glaze mixture on the walls and leave it (which can look very nice) you may want to start with a 4:1 ratio. LET IT COMPLETELY DRY BEFORE YOU DECIDE IF YOU LIKE IT OR IF YOU THINK IT NEEDS MORE PAINT!! It will always seem like there isn't any color in the glaze when it is first applied. Give it time to dry and it will show up.

If, however, you plan to do some type of rubbing technique (sponging, ragging etc) you will probably need the 3:1 ratio of glaze to paint.

I hope this was helpful. As I said, I have used many faux techniques with flat paint as my base. I have never been unhappy with the results.


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Thanks sooo much Sande! I'll give it a try. I've been driving myself crazy trying to finish this room with a look I'm satisfied with. I do appreciate your help. Are you a professional faux artist, or is this a hobby for you? I'd love to chat some more about your experiences.

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Faux Finish

Karen --

Let me know how your project turns out. If you're anything like I am -- it may take awhile to get it all complete and looking just the way you want it to.

To answer your question - I am not a faux artist. I have an Interior Design degree but I have very LIMITED artistic abilities. That's why I know most of the techniques I do are easy for anyone. If you have more questions either let me know or you can go to a local Home Depot or home improvement store and the designers there can help you too. Most of them are very good.

Good Luck!
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