Wall Color Help!


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Wall Color Help!

Hello! We are purchasing our home and really want to get away from white walls we've had to endure in apartment living. Our furniture is blue/white but it's kind of an extremely small gingham pattern where from far away, the furniture looks medium/light blue. The accent pillows are blue/white plaid and blue/yellow/green/white floral. I am going to put in light wood flooring and the legs of the sofa/loveseat are light wood. I have no clue what to paint the walls though. I was thinking medium blue, yellow, or just plain white. Whatever we paint the livingroom, we have to paint the dining room, hallway and kitchen as it is an open floorplan. Any help would be GREATLY appreciated! Thank you!
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I like a pale green; cool enoough to make a room look large, but still warm enough to look inviting. You can carry an accent pillow right into the paint store.
Do not try an greenish white; they don't work on walls.
You might be able to use similar but not identical colors if you have any definition (like a doorway) between room; blue, then green, then yellow.
And you could go white for a year or so while you make up your mind.
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wall color help

my floor plan sounds the same as yours, even the light wood floors and the blue/white furniture. We first went out and got off white wallpaper with blue/yellow/mauve/green colors in it and we put that up in our kitchen to try and seperate it from the other two rooms. We painted our front/din rooms a deeper beige with a blue trim to compliment.If you don't have trim I would look into those new paints that come in a suede or marble or sand look when painted on your walls.It can be time consuming but it is worth it in the long run.Because blue is like a nuetral color you can add a variety of colors to compliment it like a green or mauve throw neatly placed over a chair or your loveseat. And the wood flooring is nice because it's a cheaper way to redecorate by just changing the color of the rug and the accessaries to go with it. hgtv.com and the diy link off that is a great source for ideas for you also. Good luck. Krista
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As an interior designer I would not recommend that you paint your walls to "go with your furniture". A nice golden wheat color or a subtle and rich, golden yellow would offer a nice backdrop for the blue upholstery and feel nice, cozy and inviting. Use the same color a few shades lighter for the ceiling.
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I totally Agree with Marco ... go with a simple beige with yellow tones to it
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Wall Color Suggestion

My living room decor sounds just like yours and I also just bought my house and hated living with white walls in apartments. We just painted our living room a taupe/khaki color and faux finished it with a marble effect using a slightly darker glaze. Our living room flows into our hallway so we used the base coat (taupe/khaki) color there. It looks great against the blue and white furniture and it all flows nicely together!
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