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Question Plaster Walls

New Question here!.

We live in an older home. We are remodeling our kitchen.

I plan on painting the walls.....period. But, our walls are plaster and show alot of flaws. No matter what color we choose, you will still be able to see any and all flaws.

Is there a "simple" solution to this problem?. (We are not going to knock down the walls and drywall that's out of the question).

Any and all suggestions will be greatly appreciated.

Thanks Alot!.
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Hi. We too have plaster walls and when we looked into redoing, we found there wasn't much we could do. Short of replacing walls. Sorry. You can always use plaster repair - that minimized some of our flaws, but it won't fix everything.

We were told that we could use a wall texturizer. Or a textured paint. Ralph Lauren makes several, and we used a pebble finish in one room. Those will cover many flaws, and even the ones it may not hide will not be noticed. People love our walls, and not one eye has been drawn to a flaw thanks to the way they are painted.
In a kitchen, you will want to use a glossy paint - since it is the best gloss for rooms where walls need to be washed regularly..
So, I don't recommend using a pebble finish, but you may be able to use a texturizer and paint over that with a high-gloss. You can still get good coverage of flaws this way without having to do the labor intensive and costly wall work if you were going to remove them.

Good luck!
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Thank you very much. That's pretty much what we thought!.

But.......I did however come up with a "clever" idea.

I think I am going to put a piece of "lattus" up on the the shape of a trellis. I am then going to put in some fake foliage, and silk flowers. This will cover alot of the flaws, or at least take the eyes "away" from the flaws.

My walls will be yellow. So, the whole theme is going to be based on "Spring"/"Summer". So.....even in the winter months, when you get those 'winter~blues'........we can always walk into the kitchen!.

Thank you for taking the time and responding to my question!.
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I also have been remodeling an older home. Most of the plaster walls have been in fairly good shape. I have patched most of the holes, and the larger cracks (the ones that really needed to be filled in). For the most part, the walls looked o.k. Painting with Bin primer before painting seems to cover a lot of "spots". I have also papered most of the walls. In those rooms, it is hard to see any flaws. The paper that I used had a small print. Good luck. the trellis idea sounds great (not fun to clean) but it should look wonderful.
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Thanks for the advice!. If using the Bin Primer really works that good, maybe I'll go out this week and give it a try!.

The walls are in really good shape..........just alot of flaws!. Which I see ALL the time!.

I just removed wallpaper, I'm not going that route again!. Although I believe it is the EASIEST way to cover the flaws!.

Thanks Again!.

P.S. I think I'll go with the plastic trellis.........easier to clean!.
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What a beautiful idea!! I hope you have a blast doing that. It never occured to us to do anything that creative! I thought the pebble wall was innovative.

Good luck and have fun! Let me know how it turns out.

(and you're welcome, BTW - just want to help...why I'm here)
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